Friday, August 24, 2007


Three hours were all we needed (due to the sweatiness of it all and the need for Kai's second nap). What did we do? First we went to Superdogs. Kai sat there expressionless for about 20 minutes. We were up in the balcony and it was dark with so many lights flashing, he had no idea what was going on. It's too bad we weren't on the floor with the dogs, he would've LOVED that! Then, we went to the petting zoo area. Kai was able to pet the goats and sheep and call them all doggies.
We then headed out to the `Flying Canucks' which were present and future Olympians that showed off their ski/snowboard flips and trampoline skills. Kinda fun. Here kai and I are future bobsledders.
We then watched the parade and Kai got to see Curious George and Scooby doo. We met up with Maria, Kris and Ani for a bit too. Kai was walking everywhere and trying to eat bugs on the ground.
Finally we saw the Peking Acrobats which was def. the highlight. It was pretty cool stuff, although, we left a few minutes early as our little guy was causing a bit of a scene (rightfully so, he was up 2 hours past his regular nap time and it was a million degrees in there). Fortunately the traffic on the way home was okay at 5pm! Woohoo! Kai fell asleep after screaming for 15 minutes. I am going to buy him 2 of his special blankie so we are never without one. I tried getting him excited about a different replacement one in the car, but, he placed the corner in his mouth and decided it wouldn't do (he always holds a corner in one hand and sucks his thumb with the other when he's trying to sleep).
I'm really excited for the day when he doesn't need to nap and he can be SUPER excited about all the rides and beg me for cotton candy:) I wonder if I'll let him have it....

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  1. The acrobats were very cool. It was cool to see the kids excited about the parade and to hang out together. It definately was way to super sweaty!!!