Friday, August 17, 2007

A nice relaxing stroll?

Kai and I went to the park this morning at 9am and after the fifth handfull of bark mulch that made it into his mouth, I decided it was time to go home. Sometimes, he would pretend to put it in his mouth and then throw it away. Other times, he'd look at me, smile and jam it in. I don't worry about leaves and dirt but when a sharp piece of wood could possibly penetrate his esophagus or intestines, I'm not too excited (I've seen too many episodes of `House'). So, we decided to head home. Kai wanted to push the stroller. That seemed good to me, it would tire him out. The 3 block walk, which normally takes a few minutes, took about 25 minutes. He had to stop at each tree to hold onto it and walk around it. Every leaf had to be put in his mouth. Sometimes he wanted to stop and play with my toes (he LOVES feet and everything to do with them; toes, socks, shoes). The lawn ornaments were extremely exciting and had to be touched. The fences had to be banged on. I just kept thinking of how patient I was being and I was pretty proud of myself:) I'm glad he could enjoy his walk, its fun to see him be so interested in everything. Hopefully I continue to be patient and appreciate his wonder.


  1. aww i love it that you took the time to let him have fun! we don't see that very often these days with everyone being in such a rush.
    very cute :)

  2. aww thats SO cute! When I saw him just a few weeks ago he was just learning to walk! WOW :) If I dont see you before school starts again, have a good year back at school louise!

    OH and HAPPY BELATED! :)

  3. WOW - good on you for being that patient!