Thursday, August 23, 2007

A few more days..

*two new videos at the end if you've already read this post*

We discovered this pathway that winds amongst trees and long grass just seconds from our house. It looked sort of garbage-dumpish and that's why I was pleasantly suprised to find a path with beautiful trees! We picked some blackberries which reminded me of the good ole days. We would pick tons and either sell them to the produce store for some good money, or, my mom would make us pick an icecream bucket each so she could make jam and pies. My dad would put us in the tractor bucket to ensure that we got all the good, juicy ones.

My dad (opi) with the two grandkids. My dad was tempting Kai to eat a bug and it was driving me crazy as he would've eaten that millipede in a second!


A few more days and then...I'm back to work! I'm sort of looking forward to it so that's good! What else is new? Kai is a monkey, and is into everything but I LOVE it. Except for the toilet, I don't love that he's into that. He just makes me laugh. I ask him to get me something and he gets about a foot away and then he pulls it away, giggles, and runs. Maybe I'll get sick of it, but for now, I think he's funny! He is a squirmer and when I try to change him (on the floor), he starts rolling and rolling...Talking about diapers, we are back to cloth again (I'll have him disposables for daycare) and I'm wondering if there is any advice for covers vs. all in ones. Is anyone selling any?

A little more on Kai, he's got another word. Door, but he doesn't say the `r'. He has been saying `daddy' all the time and only mama if i really, really encourage him. He is still eating bark mulch at the park, therefore, our visits last about 5 minutes.

Yesterday I had the whole house to myself for about 8 hours. It was crazy! I have not been alone in the house for more than an hour IN OVER A YEAR! I let doors slam, I went shopping, I read for 2 hours straight, I scrapbooked 4 pages, I ate at the appropriate times (with kai, I usually forget i'm hungy until he's napping or something). Wow, I felt single again. By 4pm I was eagerly awaiting the return of my boys, that's for sure!

On Tuesday we had a family dinner for my birthday. Three of my sisters were there (one's in Namibia, but her boyfriend came) as were the signifigant others/boyfriends etc. It was really fun as we questioned the newest `man' about his inentions with my sister and why he was attracted to her etc.

Football practices started again yesterday, fun times. I'm excited to play again this fall. I'm really excited because we now have two people that can QB which takes off some of the stress/pressure!

Here's a video showing his `fun' crawl.

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And this shows how much kaisie loves Daddy (aka Zooper as Gary has been calling him) as he will leave anything as soon as daddy's ready to play! By the way, I know our mirrors are very dirty, it seems to be one of his fav. things right now so I'm not cleaning them everyday!

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  1. that is so cool to see him get excited about his daddy

  2. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Kai has grown up so much since I saw him last, not so long ago!

    Micah does the monkey crawl too! Not walking yet though. It was so fun to see Kai walking, and so excited to see Daddy!

  3. IME, for cloth diapering, separate covers are better! Runny poops get stuck between diaper and cover if they are all in ones and stay stinky forever. I prefer the bummies velcro covers, but there are snap on ones as well. They're the best!