Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Cute birthday picture from friends! Thanks guys!
My birthday was yesterday so it seemed to be celebrated with a whole lotta food! For breakfast, Gary, Kai and I went to IHOP. I never eat large breakfasts but boy, did we get our money's worth! Kai also enjoyed sausage, eggs, french toast etc. Then, Trisha (my sis) dropped off some DQ concoctions and my dad dropped off a milk chocolate hazelnut bar. My sisters all got Gary and I a gift certificate to Vij's in Vancouver so we went there tonight without Kai (thanks for babysitting Grandma!). If you are looking for good indian food, you probably want to check it out. Dinner starts at 5:30 but when we got there at 5pm, we were 9th in line. By 5:15 the line up was a block long. They were so friendly and efficient there and the food was AWESOME. I had beef tenderloin with a chesnut and mushroom sauce, garlic mashed potatoes with cumin and some greens. It was probably the best meat I've ever had in my life. Gary had the duck with a mango curry which was also amazing. They give you tons of naan bread (although I actually like Gary's better because I don't like cumin seeds in my bread) and chai to drink. Yum yum.
Finished off tonight by watching `So You Think You Can Dance' idea who is going to win but I sure thought Danny's solo was amazing. Bon nuit!


  1. Anonymous5:04 AM

    that dinner sounds amazing. it's so strange to me (now anyway) to hear about dinner starting at 5:30. here 8:00 is early. it took a little bit to get used to, but now we eat usually around 9. i agree with you about cumin in the naan...gross.

  2. Happy Birthday :)
    Wow, that food sounds incredible!!! now i want some Indian food...
    the finale (?) was pretty good, though I felt that Sabra got shafted on her routine's with Lacey and Neil; they were weird choreography!
    but my picks are: Sabra first, Danny 2nd, Lacey 3rd, and Neil 4th.
    Guess we'll find out tonight!