Monday, August 13, 2007

Pros and Cons

Gary is a great cook and photographer, which is super fabulous. Let me just point out a few things...

Pros: yummy food and great variety, don't have to cook often, don't spend a lot of money on eating out, great pictures, fun to be creative together

Cons: good food can be quite expensive (only real parmesan cheese for him), no excuse to go to a restaurant when he can make it himself, lotsa trips to the grocery store (walking 95% of the time which I like...a fun-ish family outing), we're not really `allowed' to buy macoroni and cheese or hot dogs (but I do when he's gone!!), expensive camera stuff, always new computer programs to learn, always one more piece of equipment needed for the camera or computer.

Please don't think I'm complaining, I'm not. Just showing both sides to something.

What did we do today? Gary ran a 7 km in 30 something minutes which pumped him up for the day and then we went for a walk around Mill Lake where Kai learned the word `duck'. We've been super busy getting our little business together and it should be ready to go by the end of the week!

Kai has turned into a big little boy in the sense that he no longer will go happily if I remove him from something, he now acts like he might die. If I'm carrying him away from the computer or something else he shouldn't be touching, he pushes himself away from me with all his might while verbalizing his anger with screaming. If I don't let him eat some food that I may be eating, oh boy, watch out. He likes to throw things and eat everything (today he ate some leaves and grass and would've continued to do so regardless of the taste or texture). I know little boys can be a bit wild so I'm getting a little nervous about what's to come. I have to say that I cannot wait to discipline him (I heard you should start at about 18 months, no idea where I got this from but sounds good to me)! Time outs, here we come! For now, its just the firm `no'.

Here's a cute photo of Kai that was taken a couple days of go by my lovely personal chef and photographer; Gary.

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  1. I heard around 18 months is the "time out" start...I can't believe I have to start that with Annika now. I also read in a magazine not to say "no" but "kai, that is not good because...." or something to that effect otherwise he will start saying no back a lot. We tried this and it seems to be doing far!