Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Latest

I'm very busy. This week, we had three photo shoots in 2 days (one was a wedding), then I drove out to Abbotsford hospital 4 times in 3 days, and then we had our all day adoption seminar. I'm tired and trying to get caught up. This will be super brief (because I NEED to get a little further on these wedding photos!!) and I will have a separate post in a couple of days about the adoption seminar and where we are at!
Me: Hey Kai, can you keep your eye on Koen for a couple of minutes while I clean the bathroom?
Kai: Sure!
Two minutes later
Kai: Hee hee, good job Koen!
Me (yelling from the other room): Kai, what's going on in there?
Kai: Mommy come see Koen!
Where did I find him? See below. The kids bathtub.
Koen LOVES the bath. Okay, he loves a few things. If you say `bath', he goes upstairs. If you say `walk' he goes and gets his boots. If you say `food' he runs to his highchair. I love the level of understanding! He eats so much, it is truly shocking. He loves dogs and birdies. He tries to say words when he wants to. Today he walked around looking for Kai saying his name. He is a little grumpy (mostly from 4-6pm..great, dinner time!) because his two eye teeth are coming in. They are just starting to poke through.

When I look at Koen, I see myself as a baby. It's very strange. Oh his whining. He will open his mouth and close his eyes and fake cry. Then he will open his eyes to see if I'm looking at him and then continue. Kinda funny. He is whiniest around me because he knows I'm a sucker and will pick him up:) And now a little break for my littlest niece....
Jani and Sami. Now happy at home.
I should offer to trim Sami's nails...Jantina trimmed Kai's nails when he was born and he ended up with bloody fingers. I'm the only one that has cut them since then.
I had Ani and Izzy over this week so I thought I would take some pictures of them in the basement. It lasted about 4 minutes and was way too hectic.
Okay, so let's see whats new with Kai Bear.
Kai, who has never left his room EVER, has been coming into our room every morning at 6:30am to chat. He just wants to snuggle up next to me and talk about camping (and how he wants to roast mini marshmallow's) or moving (how he will carry the small items when gramma and grandpa move). If we do one thing this summer, it will be an overnight camping trip with the boys. I seriously cannot wait. I'm just as excited as Kai. I'm so excited to see his excitement over the whole thing.
(niece Izzy...wild hair and great eyes)
I put Pull Ups on Kai at night because to be honest, I have no desire to wash sheets every day. He's been in underwear for a year but not at night! Anyway, I forgot to put one on him the other day but he woke up dry. I told him how proud of him I was and he said, `I know mommy, I'm just an expert at keeping pee in my bladder!'. little expert.

(Kai and Ani look nothing alike but check out their matching smiles. Ani refuses to touch Kai and needs her space. Kai is learning about giving space)

Kai has recently started playing more with our neighbour boys. One is a year older than him and a lot more into sports. Kai needs a little more practice:) So far they have played soccer and hockey together. Today, while playing soccer, Kai was in the net and saved a ball (phew, it went right to his foot, he just had to stand there!) and then he heard a plane and ran around pretending to be a plane:) His focus is amusing.

Okay, I'll be back in a few days with an adoption update. In the meantime...I need to slow down.


  1. yes, go slow down.
    I like Kai and Annie's photo-smiles (how they match). Very cute!
    Little Sami - sooo cute! Man, she is gonna grow so fast! Nice little scars on her face :(.

  2. I totally love how Kai and Ani are both squinting and smiling the same, definately the age thing. I love izzy's pic. Definately captures her totally. Sami is so cute!

  3. Oh man, I LOVE Kai's comment about being an expert!

  4. Beautiful shots - your kids are so cute! Kai cracks me up. My favourite is the expert bladder comment. Hilarious!

  5. I'm tired just reading this! :)

  6. I just noticed Koen's happy reflection in the first photo - SOOO cute!!!! :)