Monday, March 15, 2010


This evening I was playing with the two boys and I was just so happy. Basically I was lying on my bed and they took turns jumping on me (they love that). They also love turning off the light and running around with a flash light. Anyway, they were playing so nicely together and this has been happening so much lately. They are playing together! Nicely! Laughing together! Woohoo!
Koen's poor stomach...but look at them! Playing together!
So many things wrong with this picture; Koen on a table, Koen's pants falling down, and Kai touching Gary's vase from China. However, what is so right? They are just so cute being mischievous together. It was really a desire in my heart that Kai would have a sibling to be buddies with, and just look at them. They really do love each other. Warms my heart. A bunch.
Today Gary and I had a family shoot at Campbell Valley. The weather behaved perfectly! Always some pictures to work on which is really nice for me!
Just a random picture of Gary when we were waiting at Stewart Farms for my sister's wedding party to arrive...
And brownies. I made these yesterday. They were good.

I had football practice yesterday. I felt pretty good, I mean, I didn't run very much but just overall catching, throwing and flag pulling went decently. We will see....
My sister Jantina is now 1 day overdue with her first. I can't believe we are here already! I will be an auntie again!!! So excited.
Have a great evening.
Love, Louise


  1. Those brownies look YUM!!!! Love it when the kids play (nicely) together...definitely warms a momma's heart!

  2. Brownies were Yummy! Thanks Louise.

  3. Can you send me a brownie?
    I'm hungry.


  4. cute cute cute! Love that they're playing together! And seriously jealous about your awesome picture-taking abilities. If only I was that talented!!

  5. It must melt your heart to see them playing together. Such a special bond that siblings have!!