Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I just want to recognize that Eva Markvoort, of 65 red roses, passed away this week. So incredibly sad but she was such a wonderful advocate for CF awareness and organ donation. She received an award just before she passed away and you can watch the video of it here. My best friend Lynette's brother, George, is also in the hospital awaiting a double lung transplant because he also has CF. George has been on the transplant list for about 16 months now. When someone is on the list, it doesn't mean they are just going on with life like everyone else while they are waiting. They are in desperate need. Long stays in the hospital fighting infection to stay healthy enough to live and to be able to get a transplant when the time comes. George is first in my prayers every night because he really, really needs his new lungs. Please make sure that you are an organ donor and that your family knows your wishes.


  1. I had the pleasure of working with Eva while I was still at Children's Hospital on a regular basis....and before she graduated to the adult system. She was sweet, kind and an inspiration to many. She will be missed!

  2. Hey Louise, it was so hard to hear about Eva, I saw it on the news here in the hospital. It is so tragic and she was so popular within the CF community. Thanks again for all your support and for also getting the word out about CF and organ donation. There are many sad stories like Eva's but there are also so many amazing success stories and so we continue to hope and pray, and Kim and I thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.