Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Can anyone give me advice on interior paint colours? We originally had the green on the walls but decided to do grey on the one wall. Now we can see that the green and grey to not look that good together. Should we paint all of the green a grey colour? Paint the green the light colour that the rest of the walls are? Leave it? My one concern is that we will lose the tile around the fireplace if we paint that part grey. I also don't want to do too much in the dark grey because our house is not the biggest:)
(I know the grey looks blue in the above picture, but it is really grey...I hope!)
Green Wall #1 above

Green Wall #2 (do you see how I would `lose' the tiles around the fireplace if it was grey?)
Also, I was told yesterday that 3 colours in a small space is not a good idea:) So....any thoughts?

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  1. take your chips into benjamin moore, snip a hair off your carpet and explain to about your tiles and floor colour etc. They are SO good. we'll at leased I had a good expirience.
    the benjamin moore in whiterock-right off of 152 has excellent people eager to help and give you advice.
    If you dont like the price of the paint-take the chips to homedepot and have your paint coloured ther...