Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baby Samantha Jantina

She's here! So, Jantina was induced on Sunday. And Tuesday. After spending all Tuesday in the hospital getting rehydrated, Jantina spent the night at home. This morning, she came in the hospital at 4cm and it was the big day!
(Just getting fetal monitored before going home on a pass Tues night)
Jan had a super tough day, as do all labouring momma's. I spent a few hours with it okay that she made me laugh? She was all over the gas. After her first time trying it, she started crying (not sure why?) and told the doctor, `I've never done drugs before!' and he said, `I can tell!'. She was making the nurses laugh with her random comments throughout. At noon, she asked me to go home. Totally understand...Jan likes her space:)
(She had to lay in the bed for a few minutes to get monitored but spent almost the entire day in the shower)
Unfortunately, she was at 5cm for 7 hours and although she made it to the 6cm, baby's head was still not coming down and the contractions were still coming frequently and quite strong. She had a C-section and baby Samantha Jantina was born! Sami was 8lbs 2oz and has the longest fingers and tongue I've ever seen on a baby. Piano fingers! I notice the tongue for two reasons;
1. Koen was tongue tied so I notice everyone's tongues now
2. Our family has some genetically long tongues in there (like mine...I can touch my tongue to my nose) and so far, none of the kids have inherited it...until now!
She came out hungry and Jan got to feed her right away! They let the baby remain with mommy and daddy in the recovery room! I never had that...I was all by myself for an hour:(
(Opi and Nana Jo with the babe)
Baby appears to be very alert and healthy. She reminds me of Doug...100% daddy's girl!
(I'll have to get a better picture of her hand...the room was very dark)
I went to the hospital 3X in the last 24 hours...and it's not at my local hospital either!
Check out the length of the feet!
I have to say that although I was super pumped to have a niece, I was more concerned for my Jani Bear. I'm so glad that she can now rest and start to recover. So hard to see a loved one in pain and wish that you could take some of it for them.
Dr. Doug:)
Can't wait to get to know you Sami!!
(Oh my goodness, 100% Doug here!)
You've got a lot of cousins, aunties, uncles and grandparents that love you!! Well a couple of your cousins might just want to wrestle you, but they'll learn:)

You've got my tongue (it is much longer, just couldn't capture it in action)! Yay to Jan, Doug and Sami!!! I can't wait to babysit!


  1. VERY exciting! Congrats to your sister and hubby on Samantha's arrival. interesting observations on her fingers, tongue and hands - all long! :)
    laughing about the gas :)

  2. Congrats to Janni and Doug! She is beautiful!

  3. Yay! How exciting! She's beautiful :) I love Jan's comment "I've never done drugs before!" Totally something I would say :) Congrats to all!

  4. awh, congratulations auntie! Amy had a lizard like long tongue, sooo cute.

  5. Wahoo! It's about time! I keep checking back to see if the new bebe has arrived and yay she finally has! I like her name. She is a cutie! Very interesting about the tongue, fingers and toes.

  6. Congratulations. What a sweet little girl.

  7. Congratulations!!! Way to go, Jantina!! She's SOOOO CUTE!

  8. She is so cute with her little tongue sticking out!! Congratulations to the whole Dekens family!

  9. TOTALLY Doug's daughter :) So cute!!!

  10. Congrats Auntie!!!! Love that last picture with the legendary tongue :)

  11. Gorgeous! So unsquishy, like a big little person :) Congrats Jantina and Doug. Sorry to hear about your painful labour, but lovely Samantha looks to be worth it.