Saturday, March 13, 2010


I love the age that Koen is at; 14 months. He is such a little monkey and I just find him so adorable. More because of his personality than his goofy looks:) He's finally over his ear infection. Oh man, I really do not want to go through that again. The antibiotics were not friendly with his digestive system.
He will run around the house and find the littlest things to be fascinated by. A box of cereal, Gary's shoes, a cup etc. As soon as someone opens the door, Koen stops everything and walks with extreme purpose in order to try to make it out the door. He LOVES being outside. If you say, `Koen, you want to go outside?', he will go to get his boots.
He loves to eat and drink all the time. He will go to his high chair and push it around the kitchen saying, `Me! Me! Me! Up! Up! Up!'. When gramma had the kids while we were gone, she also pointed out that Koen can eat more than Kai. This is crazy because Kai is also a big eater! I have switched him over from goat milk to soy milk (more because the store was out of goat milk). I'm not sure if it was the cow milk that gave him the eczema as his skin is just so sensitive. I'm going to try him on cow milk sometime and see what happens. His eczema is pretty under control as long as I lotion him up a couple of times a day.
Koen entertains himself all day long, he just wanders around trying to climb up on chairs and tables. He lets us know if he is hungry or thirsty by going to the chair or the fridge. If he does play with something he is not allowed to, he brings the object to us.
His hair is def. reddish and I love it!! It also appears to be curly which I am excited about.
He just seems to get so much joy out of everything that he does. I love it. I haven't thought much about the temper tantrums that are to come, because it's so hard to imagine when he's just so sweet all the time.
And Kai. He hasn't changed too much in the last few months. He has started talking back, which is new I guess. He has said, `Mommy, If you start counting then I'm going to spank you!' (which is weird because I think I've spanked him once in his life). When I talked to him about it, he started just speaking gibberish. I asked him to please speak properly. He said he was, he was just speaking french.
Another time when I told Kai not to repeat something naughty, he starting mouthing it and then asked if I heard anything. Monkey. This monkey is crazy for recycling. He takes out the recycling bin every day to empty it in the garage. Any piece of paper gives him great joy. So, if you have any recycling, bring it on by!

(Kai only wanted his hand photographed)
Kai played road hockey with the neighbour boys today. I LOVE having neighbours with boys the same age. I think we will need to practice with Kai before he plays with them again. Kai really has no interest in sports (which we are trying to remain calm about:)) but he will play if a friend is playing.

My neighbour asked me about staying home with the boys and whether I found it a lot harder than working. Are you joking? To me, teaching (and bringing two kids to and from daycare) is way harder than staying home with two kids and having a part time photography job. She said that she found being at home way harder. Everyone is so different. True, being at home can be mentally exhausting, and I'm sure once Koen starts having meltdowns it will be hard. However, in the meantime, I will enjoy wearing my pj's til 9am, doing yoga during the day, walking to the park, baking and cooking, cleaning my house (yes, I enjoy this) and playing with my kids.

I am so thankful that although my thyroid has messed with my life, it still allows me to be a good mother and wife. On the thyroid note, if you don't read my thyroid blog, my numbers are just going in the wrong direction again but I get to see my endo in a few days so hopefully we can change my meds around. While attempting to jog today, I considered having RAI where they radiate (destroy) your thyroid and then you take synthroid for the rest of your life. This is the first course of action in the US whereas in Canada, they try to control it with anti thyroid meds first. It's totally against my gut to radiate my thyroid but I am so sick and tired of trying to have a normally functioning thyroid. It has been 6.5 months and I'm feeling more and more like I will not reach remission. Oh well. One day at a time! Could be worse.

And to end on a good note...seriously, aren't my boys adorable?


  1. SO adorable! I think you will have your hands full as those two monkeys grow up! Such stinkers :) Radiating your thyroid is kind of extreme, isn't it? I'm not an expert at all but from what I've heard can't it take some time to get everything under control and balanced on meds? I hope that happens soon for you!

  2. What a great post! I love your pictures, they capture their personalities so well. Love the stories (kai is such an adorable shishkabob, koen turning himself in, recycling). I laughed out loud (guess I should have said LOL'd).

    Stick with the thyroid. Maybe set a date in a 3 or 6 months to re-evaluate options but commit to meds treatment in the short term? Put it in calendar and forget about it. That way you're not thinking about frying it on a day to day basis, but know the option is still there.

    I'm so glad to know you're happy at home. That was a big decision. You're making the most of it. Congrats!

  3. Anonymous10:22 PM

    yes, very cute kids!
    What about thyroidectomy? It seems like it's been so long that your thyroid hasn't been controlled...something's gotta give! ... or maybe I"m being impatient?
    (ps-this is Jackie posting)

  4. I love the Kai story about him saying he was speaking French. So funny!

  5. Your boys are certainly adorable.

  6. we stopped giving Taeya goat's milk when the stores ran out (goats don't produce as much milk in colder temperatures, which is why stores have a shortage). did he switch to the soy milk easily?
    i love koen's reddish hair too :) and i had some giggles at Kai's sayings - awesome!

  7. Not sure if anyone reads this part, but in regards to RAI, I wouldn't be considered for it until I had been on my meds for one year. That puts us at Sept 2010. I see my endo this week so we will see what she is thinking!!

  8. Yes. You're boys are very adorable. I enjoyed reading about what they are up to these days. I also love that you get so much joy from being at home. It's true - you never really know what it will be like till you do it. I've met lots of mommies who thought they'd hate staying home and ended up loving it and some who thought they'd love it but who ended up really wanting to work. I"m sorry your thyroid is such a pain in the ***. I too wonder what your endo will say. Have you met others who had successful radiation for Graves? I wonder what the success rate is. It worked for my cousin but he's the only one I know so that might not mean much.