Tuesday, March 02, 2010

14 Months Old

Kokies is now 14 months old! He is such a character and his goofiness continues to bring us so much joy! Unfortunately he spent the morning at the doctor getting diagnosed with an ear infection. I just feel bad for him as he has been sick for 3 weeks already...my poor bubba. At least the doctor said that goat milk was a great idea to get rid of the eczema, it has worked very well.
Koen is an explorer. From the moment he gets up, he is go, go, go. His favourite places are the same ones that Kai loved. The corner cupboard with all the cans, the cupboard with the rice cooker and the beloved potato masher, the garbage, and the bathroom (today Kai's shoe ended up in the toilet). He does the stairs very well on his own and we don't watch him anymore. The two times he rolled down were when I was standing at the bottom and he was reaching for me, it's just best if he does it on his own. He is months ahead of where Kai was at this age in regards to physical abilities and I think a lot of it has to do with being the second child.
He usually wakes one time in the night and Gary and I rotate who gives him a bottle as he won't take it unless we are holding him. He was waking at 11pm each night but now it has somehow switched to 5am. So, he sleeps 7pm to 7am with one wake up, at least 5 times a week. Otherwise, he sleeps right through.
He loves to reach for things and say `hee hee'. It's very cute. His words are; mama, dada, ball, hi, and up. Kai also said these same words, but instead of `hi', Kai said `monkey' and `doggy'.
Kai and Koen really are getting closer and closer each day. It makes my heart so happy to see Kai reach for Koen's hand to HOLD it rather than grab something from it. They love to run upstairs and play in the three bedrooms together. We do let them play in our bedroom, Koen just loves going for Gary's alarm clock Every. Single. Time. Kai refuses to bath with Koen though. Might be safest for them to have separate baths anyway, they are both wild in the tub.
Koen weighs about 23.5lbs. He loves all food and also loves his goat milk. His favourite thing of all is Blue, his blankie. He is really a momma's boy and can be found holding onto my pants throughout most of the day.
(Go Canada Go!)
When he gets really excited about something, he clenches his fists so that his whole upper body shakes. It's actually a little freaky looking. When he grabs something he knows he's not allowed to have, he will bring it to us (cd's, window cleaner...)
He has started running away or lying down when he doesn't want something. When he's hungry, he goes to his high chair and says `Up! Up!'.

Koen is such a bundle of energy and he loves to explore. He is very happy, although, he generally has a very neutral face around people he doesn't know well. He loves to climb on top of me while I'm doing my yoga. Kai calls him `Koen-ies'. He loves wrestling with Gary. He has brought so much silliness and smiles to our family, we are so thankful.


  1. Oh koen. getting so big already. Izzy only about 25 - funny they are so close in weight. Glad kai and koen getting along a lot better - much easier on mommy and daddy!

  2. he sure is cute!!! :)
    Ezra is the same with daddy's alarm clock. even though it's on the OTHER side of the bed, he has no interest in mine, but will make the effort to go around to get Daddy's :)

  3. Where were the family outdoor shots taken?


  4. Happy 14 months Koen! I really love that first picture of him. I also love that blue shirt on you. Great color!

  5. Kim-the pictures are taken in the vacant lot across from the Shoppers Drug Mart on Fraser Hwy and 188th-ish. So random:)

  6. Aw - so cute! I LOVE the next post of him saying 'hi'! :) He really is a cute little guy!