Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Almost An Aunt Again

My sister Jantina is 10 days overdue with her first...we're thinking it could be anytime now. I just wanted to do a post before the baby gets here because I'm sure I'll have to take a picture or two of the little one:)

I just have a few pictures from our trip to the zoo last week, we brought Ani along. We also went on a `hike' at Campbell Valley Park.

I boosted the colours a bit in this picture. You like? Too much blue but no time to fix it right now...lotsa pictures to work on!

I just have to say that our adoption process officially starts this week when Gary and I will be attending the first seminar. I am 85% excited and 15% nervous right now. What am I nervous about? I hope that I can handle the process emotionally and that Kai and Koen will completely embrace our new little one. I'm not nervous about Gary, he's a rock:) I have been envisioning holding my baby every single day and it makes me teary eyed. Can I call the baby `my baby'? I guess it's even possible that a momma is pregnant with our baby right now. I feel very impatient and have been thinking daily, `I just want my baby now!'. I think because Koen is such a toddler now, and so easy to have around, that I just feel ready. So, I guess I'm also worried that I won't be patient enough if it takes 2 years. A friend of mine was able to witness her adopted son being born, that would be so amazing although I doubt it's very common. I'm sure I'll have a lot more thoughts on it all after the seminar but just keeping you posted where we're at right now!


(Dare I say that Koen has slept a solid 12 hours straight for the past 5 nights?! This is his Warf like face, you know, Star Trek dude)

(Gary teaching Kai how to write his name by connecting the dots)

Okay, I better get going here...have a wonderful day! I can't believe my sister is going to have a baby so soon!!!


  1. I love kai's face with the lion! They had such a good time. not sure what Ani enjoyed more the zoo or McDonald's.

  2. i do like the photo. gotta run.

  3. The one of Kai and Ani with the lion is my favorite! oh, and the close up of Koen.

    I can't wait to hear more news about your baby/adoption process. I'll be praying for your family.

  4. 10 days overdue? poor girl! but how exciting for you to be an aunt again!!! great pictures! and I like the blue :) praying for you as you start the adoption process!

  5. Love the photo...I'm always a sucker for color! Can't wait to see some pics of your new little neice/neph...new babies are SO exciting!

  6. great photos - i like Koen's scrunched face and Kai with the sunglasses on :)
    hope your niece/nephew comes soon! :)

  7. Cath Tucker8:47 PM

    1. Your poor sister!!! She must be sooo done by now!!
    2. Love the pic of the lake. Wow.
    3. GL with the adoption seminar!! :)
    4. Love the cute pics of your boys on this post!!

  8. Beautiful photo. Love it- I think that it would be a pretty one to paint! Can't believe your sister is 10 days late! I hope it comes soon for her! Really soon!

  9. I think I've checked this post a dozen times waiting for the news on Jantina's baby...

    Best of luck to her!