Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I don't know if it's the weather, the kids, the holiday I had, the fact that Gary is home on Spring Break, but man, I feel happy! I can't remember the last time I felt this good emotionally. Just super stable and happy and content. Ahhhhhhh. Nice.
(Just want to show you what we use our old cd rack for. It is SO perfect for the kids shoes!)
My sister Jantina is now 2 days overdue...can't wait for the big phone call!!
We've done some painting in our great room, got rid of our curtains and are installing blinds. I think it will look much nicer. We will see! Below are two HDR shots that Gary took when we went to Vancouver for the Olympics. HDR is when you superimpose three different exposures of the same picture. I think they look great but just two things to point out:
1. Gary mentioned that he should've used a tripod because you can see the inukshuk has some blurry borders.
2. The water line in the first picture drives me bonkers because it's on such a diagonal but Gary says he likes it. I would've rotated it:)

Hopefully my next post will have a picture of me holding my new niece or nephew!! Have a great evening.
Love, Louise
PS Koen slept 6:30pm-6:30am last night! Woohoo! He is usually up at least once as he is the lightest sleeper in the world...let's hope he has another good night!


  1. I love Jantina's shirt!! Here's hoping she "pop's" soon! :) Glad you are happy - I'm with you on the water line... but the HDR pics look great!

  2. Louise... if my shoes were that organized I think a general feeling of happiness would over-take me too...

  3. kids shoes are an issue here - maybe i should find an old CD rack :)
    cool pictures! I like the angle of the waterline too :)
    happy sleeping to koen!!!!

  4. Noah slept 8 - 6:30 last night! Woot woot for sleep!

  5. I'm happy you're happy:) My sister is also 2 days overdue... that would be funny if we became aunts on the same day!

  6. I love those two last photos of Vancouver - almost looks like a painting! And I agree with Gary - I like the horizon of the water ;).