Monday, August 03, 2009

Nerdy Day 3

We hit the beach again early this morning. The kids (and possibly the adult males) were LOVING the water race between all the plastic animals.
Matthew kept bombing down the hill and belly flopping on the kickboard. That guy is a fish!

Tonight we will be getting some pictures of Kai's 3rd birthday. We've got an icecream cake and he is pumped. Kids are napping...woohoo!


  1. Looks Osofun!!!! Thanks for giving us no-shows a taste of this year's Nerdfest...

    Looking forward to the bday photos. Give Kai a big bday hug from the Willms clan.

  2. The picture with Gary, Sam and Andrey in it is awesome. That is some pasty skin on all those guys. I hope Sam starts using the deep tanning oil soon.
    Miss you guys and wish I could be baring my pasty white out of shape body as well!