Saturday, August 22, 2009

Running on Empty

This will be a short one with a few pictures I took a few days ago. We have been go, go, go since Wednesday, well, I guess since last Saturday.

Today I sat down at our extended family bbq for half and hour and relaxed and it was amazing. I think it was the first time I just sat and breathed and relaxed in 48 hours. I need to relax more. I just have a really, really hard time doing it when there's always stuff to do. I know in my head that it can wait, but I just have this need to do it before I can relax. I've been struggling with sleep too. I am so exhausted. I've actually lost an additional 4 pounds this week which were not a healthy loss, they are the `I'm so exhausted, I don't have time or energy to eat, I have so much to do' kind of weight loss. I know, I have issues.

Tomorrow I plan on only working for one hour and then just taking the rest of the day to play with the kids and not do anything else. We'll see what happens:)

Kai has been a little more nuts than usual and I really think its due to all the `fun' stuff that we have been doing. I think we really need to get back into our regular routine and stay away from junk food that he gets at certain people's houses:)

Kai watched his first movie this week. He watched `Cars' over about 3 days. I think he likes it. There's no way, at this point, that I would let him sit and watch it all at once, and I don't think he could do it either. I can't believe he starts preschool in a couple of weeks!!!

Oh ya, Koen's sleep update!! He is in bed by 8:30pm every night now. This is sooooooo awesome. His naps are still just two 45 minute ones and it takes about 10 minutes for him to get to sleep for his naps and at night. It is def. best if Gary puts him down. We are still doing the pick up put down. Once he is lying down and crying, we just leave him. We only go in and hold him and then lay him down again if he is sitting or standing. We have to do it anywhere from 1-10 times which is not bad!

Koen really does want to eat everything and anything so I'm trying to introduce things slowly but we are losing patience. He is def. a lot better at feeding himself now.

Kai has been giving Koen `super hugs' which are nice but I think its his excuse to squeeze his baby brother as hard as his can while still looking sweet.

Okay, I need to go to sleep big time. I am way too tired.

This is Kai waiting for Opi (my dad) to take him out for coffee. I do need to post a bit about all the changes in my father's life...there's a whole lot of them! I just need to get the `okay'.
Bon nuit.

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  1. that's so cool that your dad brings Kai out for coffee :)