Friday, August 14, 2009

Birthdays and Wrestling

Today I turned 31. No biggie. Feel the same. I like the 30's, they suit me. For my birthday, Koen slept 7 hours straight...awesomeness. Then, we got up, had a yummy breakfast, and went and ran 6.5km of the Fort to Fort Trail in Fort Langley. The kids did decently although it was drizzling and Koen was hungry. I love trail running sooooooo much. The plan for the evening is to get ready for Kai's 3rd birthday party tomorrow and Gary is picking up a `new' (craigslist) flash tonight because I could use an upgrade anyway and our good one is in the shop. The one in the shop won't be ready for the next 2 weddings so we `needed' another one.

My dad gave me a bunch of my baby pictures this morning. Do I look like someone we know and love? I think Koen looks so much like me! And yes, I was bald for forever. I guess my mom took us to Sears or something almost every month for a picture, who knew?

The boys are interacting so much more. True, it's quite a bit of rough interactions but they both enjoy it so ya, I'm going with it. Both are covered in bumps and bruises. Koen because he is trying to do too much, Kai, because he always falls when he runs.

(I like this, why is this underlined? I see no key for this...)
Thanks to all those who commented on the sleep issue. I guess what I needed most was empathy AND the reassurance that it can't last forever. It sounds like once they are one, things settle down a bit so I'll go with that. It doesn't bother me that much, except once 9:30pm rolls around and I'm exhuasted. If he slept til 8am, that would be a different story. However, he's usually up around 6am:) So much to figure out with these guys. We're at the stage where I'm a little frustrated introducing food so slowly. I know he just wants to eat our food and I'm just so tempted to give him exactly what we are eating, but, I don't want to give him dairy yet in case he does have a serious allergy to milk proteins and also, a lot of our food is quite spicy. So far, he will eat whatever I put in his mouth. He can only feed himself mum mums, bananas and bread. Hungry, hungry hippo.
Okay, time for dinner. Have a great weekend everyone!

Feel free to comment on how much Koen looks like me or how cute my boys are or something:)


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day! loving all the photo's of your boys.

  2. I have to say that first photo of you with the open mouth smile immediately made me think of Koen! Happy Birthday@

  3. Yes, yes, he does look like you. Remarkably, a lot like you! Wow, 5 kids, pictures every month - your Mom was a busy lady!

    And also, Happy Birthday. :)

  4. Happy Birthday. Oh and he sure does look like you! No mistake there.

  5. Baby you and Koen do look exactly alike!! Fun pics of the boys playing!

    Happy birthday! Enjoy your birthday date night!

  6. Happy Birthday Louise! The first picture looks like Koen, the second looks like Annika.