Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sleeping Update And Another Party

Okay, so we have instigated three things to try to get Koen to sleep on time based on various suggestions. I am unable to let him cry it out (I'm an emotional softie) but the `pick up put down' method seemed like a happy medium. We will devote one week to doing this. We have also put the radio static on for some white noise (which worked when he was a baby) and we have given him his own little blankie/stuffed animal which he will hopefully fall in love with. Kai having his blankie, Bubi, has saved us.

NIGHT #1: My friend said that the first night they did this, it took 43 times so I was comfortable with doing it 43 times:) I did the PU/PD 40 times in a row, from 8:10pm until 8:45pm and he fell asleep. I think he was exhausted because each time I would lay him down, he would stand up. Quite the workout for him! Not bad, not bad. Let's hope he stays asleep! We're still trying to figure out what to do during the night as he can still have 2 full feeds at night....I'm really trying to fill him up with more food during the day to combat this. AND, don't suggest formula because he can't stomach it. Kai was a big boy too, but even he did not continue eating at night at this age. I think Koen may have surpassed him in the size department as he is still breastfeeding every 3 hours and having 3 full meals a day. When I weighed him the other day, it said 21lbs.

This video shows Koen standing up, you'll miss it if you are paying attention to Kai:) I cannot believe how much he has changed in just a week. He absolutely amazes me. He will climb anything and crawl anywhere. I would say that in this one week, he has changed more than at any point in his life. I can see already how he is so different than Kai in personality. Kai will learn by watching and asking questions, even as a baby he was just very observant. Koen is super hands on. He can't just look at something, he needs to play with it, eat it, get to it, climb it etc.

Today we celebrated Riley's first birthday. Riley is an incredibly mobile boy, I have never seen a one year old so stable on his feet. He can climb up and down stairs and walk up and down hills. Maybe that's what happens when you have two older brothers to keep up with! The party was at the Walnut Grove water park which was a fantastic location. I've never been to that water park but the little river was a super hit.

Kai with buddy Bennett. They were trying to find monsters down the drain. I love that these two love playing together...another generation of buddies.
Well, now that Koen is down, I'm going to get back to my book, `Plain Truth'. Bon nuit.


  1. VERY curious to hear how the first night went!
    are you going to try PU/PD for naps too, or just night?

  2. I hope the changes you made get some great results!

    Both of my kids breastfed at night til well past one year.

    Look at Koen go! Awesome!

    I'm so sad we couldn't be part of Kai's and Riley's birthday parties!!