Sunday, August 30, 2009

Diggers and Ribs

Koen is such a happy little boy. He just smiles all the time. I left him in the church nursery and he didn't care that I dropped him off there. He played happily the whole time, even though he missed his morning nap. We found out he can climb stairs as I found him on the third step. He also likes walking by pushing the wagon around. We no longer have to pick up put down...we just put him down and to sleep he goes. Yippee! Just this week he has learned to feed himself well which is sooo much easier! Just put down some chunks of bread, banana, chicken and away he goes.

(Isn't he just too adorable???? Ah, so in love with this little guy!!!)
Every time I sweat too much (football or running in the midday sun), I get such a bad headache which makes me feel sick for 2 days. I really tried to stay super hydrated yesterday but failed miserably and I just feel crappy again today. Wish I could just have an IV in overnight:) Next time I will drink twice as much water, before, during and after. Oh ya, but I forgot to say that we had our first football game yesterday! We were down, then we tied it, then they got another touchdown and then with about 3 minutes left, they decided not to rush me and I ran in a touchdown. We were down by just one point. I decided to go for the 2 point convert and it was completed! Woohoo, won by just one point. Great start. We have 4 women on our team that have had babies this year and all 4 are breastfeeding which means we can't be away from our kiddos for too long:)

Kai is 100% stereotypical boy. Sleeps with his diggers, cars, trucks etc. I've had to learn a lot about construction machines.
Me: Kai, look at that tractor!
Kai: Mommy, that's not a tractor, it's a backhoe.
Me: Kai, look at the roller on that machine!
Kai: Mommy, that's a compaction wheel.
Um, okay.
He loves to learn about processes and parts to machinery or trucks.
I had a bad dream about Kai's first day of preschool. I got kicked out of the class for trying to help and Kai got asked to never return because of his inability to sit still:)

Gary is making braised short ribs from Vij's cookbook. If you've eaten at Vij's, you know how awesome tonight's dinner will be. If you've never eaten there and you want an amazing meal, go there! Def. in my top 5 of best restaurants I've ever eaten at. Rumour is, Gary is making banana cream pie for dessert (my fav.). What an awesome husband. I know.


  1. Nice about the dinner and dessert! Koen is very content little guy and Kai is a true boy's boy.

  2. great news on Koen's sleep improvements :) He really is super cute/smiley!
    love Kai's knowledge about diggers :)
    I've heard about Vij's AND the cookbook - i'd like to try both!

  3. Reading about your boys makes me laugh and smile so much! Remind me when I see you - I used to get those bad headaches too, especially after Ultimate in the summer, but have found that a bit of sports electrolyte powder in my water bottle really helps - I think it is actually a problem with salt imbalance rather than not enough water (for me, anyways!)