Sunday, August 02, 2009

O So Nerdy Day 2

Today we spent hours at the beach. The kids built a river in the sand and raced plastic animals down it. The adults cooled off in the water. Good times.

We finished off the evening by watching a video of Jen's upper endoscopy, that weird? It was cool. Love that there are other anatomy and physiology lovers here:)

Riley, the oldest of the babies, will be one in 2 weeks. He can move so fast, he keeps up with the big kids!

Hard to tell which kid is yours when they are in all of their sun gear:)

Koen with Addi...these two just sit there and giggle at eachother but I'll need to get a better picture of that.

Koen actually did not hate the water, he just missed all his naps. Well, he did sleep for 30 minutes today. Not adequate.

Yes, Gary truly is that white. I think it's great, it means he isn't getting too much sun exposure.

Kai got a bucket full of catfish and had fun releasing them. He was in the water/beach area for 3 hours straight.
I'm actually writing this Monday morning as the kids were up at 5am, well, let's be honest, Kai didn't sleep last night. He has a cold that included a fever last night. All he did was moan and groan and complain all night. We are way too exhausted. I hope he has a good birthday today. I was a little emotional last night thinking about his arrival into the world. Somehow 3 seems like a bigger deal than being 2. Happy Monday.

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