Monday, August 17, 2009

Cows and Stuff

Okay, sleep update first!! Today we used the PU/PD for naps and it only took maybe 5 times for him to sleep and his nap was over an hour long!

The craziest thing is that tonight Gary put him down at 8:30pm and he didn't cry for even a second. I know I will be feeding him tonight though, last night I fed him every 3 hours. Growth spurt? I really don't care though, its the early bedtimes that I am striving for.

I couldn't find Koen today and when I looked for him, I found him under the dining room chair, standing up. Our chairs are pub style ones that are extra high...he's not really that short!

This afternoon we visited my best friend, Lynette's, family farm. Kai LOVED it. Actually we all did. There is so much to learn on the dairy farm and Kai loved all the cows, tractors, and of course, the ride on lawnmower.

(The whole time in the milking parlour, I just thought of is so similar:)
This evening we did an engagement shoot for my lil sis and my soon to be brother in law. So here is Gary's `flirting' with me (he takes a shot of me each makes me smile while editing:)

I loved that they wore shirts that were the other persons eye colour. Does that make sense? Steve's left eye may be slightly closed here but you get the idea. Trish, I will be able to finish editing and posting some pictures tomorrow:)

Let's hope tonight's a gooder. Bon nuit. Oh ya, Kai said that `hungwee is how you say hungry in french' today. He makes up lots of words, like `Wadoo' and says they are french. Goofball.


  1. that's great that he went to bed so early!! I've been sitting here brainstorming for you because it takes my mind off the fact that my older two houligans are not going to bed until late too. I was going to ask if Koen has a bedtime routine. The other thing I was remembering is that although my kids have normally gone to bed early (7ish) Caileigh went through a stage around 6-7 months where she would go to bed early and then wake back up and stay up until around 10-11. It was also summer. I guess there are just so many factors it's hard to guess. Anyway......let's hope tonight is early too!!

  2. LOVE that first pic of Koen! the pictures at the farm are really cool - no doubt Kai loved it :)
    what a GREAT start to PU/PD! It can also be used to eliminate night feedings (when/if that time comes...if he doesn't eliminate them himself). so great that it's working for you guys - i hope that continues!
    love that 'flirting' shot :)

  3. I'm so glad it's working for you! I'll be coming to you for advice when I'm ready to sleep-train Jax. Too bad daylight saving time is so late in the year now...