Thursday, August 06, 2009

Osoyoos Wrap Up

Okay, so there's no way I'm going to update each day. In no particular order, here are some happenings from the last 4 days. We had a fabulous time. It really warmed my heart that Kai has started to bond with the other mini nerds and that the second `batch' of kids are already giggling and reaching for each other:) Gary and I are utterly exhausted as our two boys kept us going non stop, especially throughout the night. Kai was sick with a cold and that meant that his coughing and complaining kept Koen up. Not a fan of sharing a room. I shouldn't complain, just being honest! Here we go...and oops, I don't think I have many pictures of the adults. Hopefully other people got them!

Feeding the gophers again at Lightning Lake. We also saw a bear while we were in our van and we watched it for a while. Gary told me to get outside the van to take a picture and he wasn't kidding.

We went with Jen and Andrey up the hill (maybe a 5 min drive) and went for an early morning hike/walk/stroll. It was so hot there so I loved getting out there early. One day it was 41C. Seriously folks, not my favourite:) We spent tons of time at the beach each day. Kai did fabulously in the water, I was so impressed with how brave he was. The men spent time racing rubber animals down a sand and water race track. Quite the engineering feat...or so they thought. We ate a lot of good food and hung out a lot. We shared a condo with 2 other families which allows you to get to know eachother a whole lot better in a short amount of time.

We did some geocaching and for some people it was their first time. I think the kids really enjoyed it. Who doesn't love a little treasure hunt?

`Falling down the drain' is where they lay down on top of the drain and then Gary would pick them up and throw them in the air in a blast off. I know, doesn't sound too fun but they wanted to play every night. We are having Kai's `real' birthday party in a week from now.

Two of the families couldn't make it so were were missing some serious girl representation.
Next year. Last night, Ayden (mohawk) spent some quality time with Kai doing a workbook where they had to circle certain letters etc and Kai loved it.

Just wanted a picture to show I was there too. All the other ones were on the beach and a little Kai was a bit of a gongshow. He would wake up repeatedly throughout the night begging to go play with the other kids and toys. His persistence would wake up Koen. There was nowhere to put him and punishment was not easy as there were 2 other families in the condo fast asleep:) My favourite moment was seeing Kai participate in a group hug with 3 of the other big boys. So cute.

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  1. what a fun trip! i love that you are the nerds and mini-nerds :)