Saturday, August 08, 2009

7 Months Old

I can't believe I'm doing this post almost a week late...bad mommy. Koen makes me so happy, I seriously can't get mad at him. Yes, I've been frustrated that he hasn't gone to bed before 9:30pm every night, and that his naps only last 45 minutes, BUT, he's just too darn cute. I know the day will come where I can't wait to start on the time outs:)

Here's some stuff about Koen:
Weight: 21lbs
Favourite food: sweet potato, bananas, mum mums
Physical developments: crawl to sit, sit to crawl, sit to stand (pulling up on everything and anything), rolling both directions.
Loves: people, being outside, matchbox cars, drinking milk, big brother Kai, pulling mommy or daddy's hair, tickles, listening to singing, having a little receiving blanket to sleep with, being in the bjorn (soooo heavy).
Dislikes: being alone and especially away from mommy, eating carrots, going to bed at night (great at going down in the daytime though!)
Brotherly Love?: Kai gave him a hug without being asked and was pretty pumped that Koen is crawling.
Health: he currently has a cold but he seems to be handling the congestion and coughing just fine. I believe his reflux is completely gone and I would say that in the past 3 days, he has barely even spit up at all!! Woohoo!
Sleeping: has two 45 minute naps and goes down to bed around 9:30pm and wakes up for a feed at least once. Up for the day around 6am. He will def. have longer naps (maybe 2 hours!!) if we are on a road trip.

Koen, you are sooooo loved. I think that even though you look like an old man, you are the cutest old looking man out there:) Your dimples and giggles make me melt. I can't wait to see what kind of toddler you will be, well, I can wait. Don't get big too fast.

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  1. Happy 7 months Koen. You are one sweet boy!