Wednesday, August 12, 2009


(Kai and Koen's feet..Kai suggested getting a shot of their `toesies' so we did).
I'm all done editing from the last 3 shoots, just one more tomorrow and then we have 5 days off. It's about 4 hours of editing for 1 hour of shooting so that's been a lot of work on the computer. Thank goodness Gary is around or this would sure take a lot longer. I'm the kind of person who won't have fun and play until all the work is done so I haven't done much for fun this past week:)

(We were taking pictures of Koen in the mirror so Kai said he wanted pictures in front of the mirror too:)
Kai's birthday party is this Saturday. Originally I wanted to play games and stuff but I'm thinking 3 year olds (mostly boys) will just want to run around and eat so we'll just stick to that. I'm unsure if I will make a fondant or icing car cake but need to figure it out soon. He doesn't care so I shouldn't either.

(Look how red Koen's nose is from trying to kiss himself in the mirror)
Koen is nuts. Usually he has just been crawling around on our rug where all the toys are. However, today he ventured down the hall to the bathroom and then discovered the hall closet mirror. He spent a good amount of time playing with and kissing his `new friend'. He is fearless. He is a terrible napper. He is my beautiful baby.

We just sold our black rug on craigslist because I was having to vacuum it everyday. I loved it as it was so soft and matched well. Oh well, not worth the daily vacuuming. We got a cream shag one instead. Not sure if it looks okay but its actually a lot more functional.

We had our first babysitter yesterday who was not a family member or friend of ours. She is a 15 year old that goes to our church and she was perfect!!! Phew. We were only gone 2 hours but she handled it well. Koen refused to nap so she just took him downstairs and he fell asleep in her arms. She played with boats in the kitchen sink with Kai. This is a big step for me (trusting someone to watch our kids) and I'm glad it was successful.

(While editing I always find just one picture that Gary took with me in it. It always makes me smile. I think it's his way of flirting with me).

The babysitter was for a morning shoot and then in the evening, my sister Maria came by to watch the kids so that Gary and I could go to the Keg for our birthdays. We had a gift card so I was very excited to use it. I made sure to get a run in during the day and I'm glad I did. The food was amazing, I had lobster and steak. So much butter and cream sauce...soooo good but soooo bad!

We've been playing a lot of `Guess Who' these days. Brings me back to my childhood. One of us always plays on Kai's team. Two of his questions today were, `Does your person have a head?' and `Does your person have eyes?'. He's getting there:)

Kai: Daddy, I have a great idea!
Gary: What's that?
Kai: We should have my birthday party in my room!
Gary: But how will all your friends fit in there?
Kai: You can build a bigger room for me!

Okay, off to pick blackberries with the boys. I'm really loving this cooler weather. Life is good.


  1. I LOVE the red nose in the mirror, the cloth diaper and the unsnapped one-sie. So cute.

  2. ditto to Kimberly's comment. totally laughed at those things :)

    we had a non-family member babysitter when taeya was young once. but she was a friend, and i think she refused payment, and it was a one-time thing, but otherwise it's always been family (or really good friends that we swap watching kids with...practically family!).

    very cute that Gary takes a pic of you like that :)

  3. I LOVE Koen's cloth diapers!!! :) and his rudolph nose!