Monday, August 10, 2009


For the past two nights, Koen has fallen asleep just cuddling with me. This is very, very unlike him. He hasn't done that since he was maybe 2 months old. I'm thinking it's due to his cold. Regardless, I was cherishing it. These moments pass by too fast. In this picture I'm post shower, in my pj's, looking tired etc but I had to post this because it's pure bliss to me.

I will have to show you a video of him. He boggles my mind with his no fear attitude. He can stand up holding onto anything. Today he was watching Kai in the bathtub, holding onto the outside, and then let go and grabbed onto me instead. Maybe this is normal and Kai was the abnormal one...or, just every kid is just so different. I'm thinking that this is the case. Regardless, my baby being comforted, snuggly and sleepy while lying on me makes me smile.
PS I know I'm blogging too much...I bet once Gary goes back to work I won't have this freedom to blog as frequently.

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  1. SUCH a cute picture!!!!
    and no, you aren't blogging too much.