Monday, April 20, 2009


We went to what will be Kai's preschool in September for an Open House. I have so many thoughts on preschool. Growing up, we never went. When Kai was a baby, I never thought I would ever send him (waste of money, parents job to teach socialization/academics etc). I don't think he `needs' it in any way, however, Kai loves socializing and learning so....why not? I am impressed with the structure and goals of the preschool. They focus on social development, academics, and global awareness. Also, although it is not a Christian preschool they do `seek to demonstrate and promote Christian values and attitudes' as well as help children to `develop a love for God and His creation'. Unfortunately the academic portion focuses on science and math at his age (they even learn about photosynthesis and all that is involved with it!). The reason I say `unfortunately' is because we do a lot of this at home already and I would love it if they focused more on social studies and music which is not my forte. I have very high expectations for his teachers and school as I'm assuming any parent does. I was not very impressed with the facility itself and we'll have to see what he thinks of his teachers. How interesting to be on the other side of things:) I wonder if Kai will even sit in a circle and listen as he doesn't do this very well at Sunday School. I'm curious to see what kind of student he is. All I know is that he is not shy and he will jump into any room and just go, go, go. I hope he can focus a little! I'm not sure if he will be able to continue to go once I go back to work due to daycare and driving etc. One day at a time.

The one thing I am worried about, and will continue to worry about until he is probably 25, is what he will learn from the kids around him. I know that there are kids that will teach him very loving behaviours, but along with that, there will kids that will teach him new ways of misbehaving. When we are at the park and he sees a kid, especially an older one, do something that he hasn't seen (like jokingly kick his dad), Kai will try to copy them exactly. I love being there with him so that we can talk about all the behaviours he is seeing or experiencing and discussing why it was good or not. I have been reading `Hold Onto Your Kids' by Gordon Neufeld which addresses how parents should be the primary influence in their children's lives (which seems obvious) and why a shift has occurred to being more peer centric. I just have really high expectations for his behaviour, as I'm sure any parent does, and I have to make sure that I have realistic expectations. Don't want him to have perfectionist issues:) Watch him be the one teaching other kids bad things!!!

Other stuff:
-we are now using cloth diapers on Koen during the day. We have them, might as well use them. Helps with the `explosions' which he has every 3 hours.
-Koen was sleeping a solid 8 hours through the night for the last 6 weeks but is now up twice (1am and 5am). Could just be a growth spurt. I know my doctor would tell me to start him on solids (because apparently we were all on solids by 3 months back in the day), I'm just trying to wait at least one more month. I'm very curious/nervous how his reflux will react to solid foods. I should probably start researching this. He has been doing SO much better. I would say that he hasn't vomited in a month, he just spits up all day long. He loves people so much. Loves being held. Loves watching. He gets extremely frustrated by not being able to maneuver a toy into his mouth. He cries very easily when this happens.
-Gary is getting his level 1 kayak thingy today...tough life:) He is hiking the Juan de Fuca trail with his class next month and I'm SO JEALOUS. Hopefully I can go with them next year when Koen can survive without me!
-Kai and Koen have colds AGAIN. Boo to runny noses. Yay that it's not any worse.
-I have been exercising so much and LOVING it. I think I would do even more if I could because it feels so good, but, kids (changing, feeding, bathing, playing, holding), husband, and cleaning come first:) I do have to admit that I am slightly frustrated by the scale but I am impressed by my strength and endurance which I guess I didn't lose too terribly over the past 4 years. Still a long ways to go though.
-Just finished `Change of Heart' by Jodi Picoult. Nice, easy read. If anyone has read it, the murder and the circumstances around it are sooo familiar to another book I've read but I can't remember. Do you?
-We lost our football game on Saturday but it will still a decent game so that's good!

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  1. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Is it a Wind and Tide preschool that Kai will be going to? It kind of sounds like it. AND...if it is...or even if it is not, which one is it? I have a lot of friends that are preschool teachers due to my year at CBC taking ECE...I may know the teachers.