Thursday, April 02, 2009

3 Months

I can't believe that Koen is already 3 months! I am loving each day more and more and look forward to what's to come. I'm glad that I am not sad about the stages that have passed. Although, walking with a pregnant friend last week I was thinking how cute she looked and how special it was that she was going to have a baby, and again, I considered #3. But then, I came home. Two seems perfect:) Koen is a wonderful `little' (16lb) boy.

His favourite thing in the world is to be held. He loves it when he is facing towards you and you talk to him. He could stay all day in different people's arms. He doesn't mind the swing or exersaucer but is def. happiest interacting with others.

Kai and Koen don't interact much yet but Kai is looking forward to Koen getting older so that he can help him lift heavy rocks. Koen enjoys watching Kai. Kai likes watching his diaper changes (and acting grossed out every time), putting a soother in Koen's mouth and singing songs for Koen. Kai is known to yell at Koen when he's crying...`KOKOES STOP CRYING!'. Kai still asks about once a week if Koen can go back in my belly. One day I will get a cute picture of the two of them together.

His reflux is pretty much under control. He just spits up all day long but that is easy enough to handle. I've started putting big bibs on his so I don't have to change his clothes all the time. I have football 2X per week for at least 3 hours and it's really hard for me to pump a lot of extra milk. So, last night he had 3 ounces of pumped breastmilk and then just 2 ounces of Good Start Formula. I have heard that this is good for reflux babies because it is easy to digest. Two hours after he took it, he vomitted everything up. Half an hour after that, he vomitted up a whole lot more and I have no idea where it came from. Gary was covered head to toe 2X. Thank goodness for laminate floors and our new steam mop! I really hope that solid foods will stay down when we get to that point! It seriously makes me teary eyed when he's vomitting. I just feel so bad that his tummy is empty and he's hungry but everytime I tried feeding him after that, it would all come up. He handles it well though, he smiled and giggled moments after vomitting. No more formula for this guy. None.

For the past several nights, we have put him down to bed at 10pm while he is completely awake and he fell asleep on his own! This is crazy for us as Kai never did that. He doesn't do it during the day but its the night time sleep that is most important to me! He sleeps about 7 hours straight at night which is awesome. I usually have a really hard time going back to sleep and am up from 4:30-6am which is frustrating but oh well, at least I'm getting about 6-7 hours per night straight!

Today during a bath, Kai dumped a whole bucket of water over Koen's head and he didn't care at all. He is so easy going.

The little cry face....just means, `I'm done being in here, pick me up!'. He has recently been learning how to laugh and it is so cute. I love it. He sort of does it while inhaling which makes it sound funny. I think this guy is going to be laid back, relaxed and easy going. So, he may look a little more like me but probably has Gary's personality. I'm looking forward to the summer and getting outside with these guys a whole lot more. I wonder if Koen will crawl as Kai never did. I'm assuming that since he spends so much time no his belly, he will learn how. Kai never went on his tummy so he never crawled or really rolled, he just went right to walking. Happy 3 months Kokoes, we love you!!!


  1. Happy 3 months!! You are too sweet for words!

  2. Koen looks very mature for his age! :)
    And he's cute, too!