Monday, April 06, 2009

Flip flops

Today I really realized how little, if any, tv we watch when its sunny out! We walked to the store and the park and played in the back yard. Kai was somehow confused about shorts. I guess he doesn't remember wearing them last summer. He kept saying they were his `sports pants'. Today Kai got to have a special treat. Growing up, we used to have sprinkles on's a dutch thing. I introduced this to Kai and he loved it (obviously). I was explaining how I'm dutch and Opi is dutch etc. He then asked, `Is daddy a dutch?'.

(Do you see how his tongue is heart shaped? I really wonder how being tongue tied will affect him, if at all)

(He likes facing forward these days...he just chews on the bjorn and stares at everything going on)
I had a great day with the boys, although Koen's need to sleep in the bjorn is driving me nuts. He does not sleep in his bed during the day, no matter how long I let him cry. My back can't handle it and I do like to get a break from the little slobber monster. Usually I try to hold him for about 45 minutes so that he gets a mini nap. I will continue trying to put him in bed during the day and hopefully, one day soon, it'll work. He does fall asleep in the stroller, the only problem is that I have to push the stroller and hold the soother in for 15 minutes. Have you tried pushing a double stroller and walked bent over holding a soother in? Once he is almost alseep, the soother stays in. If he learns to actually hold it in by himself I will be one extra happy camper.
Today Kai saw the sun outside and said `It's sunny! We get to go camping!'. I had told him that once its sunny and warm we could go camping. I had to tell him it will probably be a few more months but he is so pumped to sleep in a tent one day.

Yesterday afternoon, we went to visit our friends, Tessa and Simon, who live out on a ranch in Abbotsford. Kai was so excited to go that he didn't nap. They have 2 dogs that Kai loves and their place is amazingly beautiful...especially in the sun! We were there for just an hour and half but it was such a great time and Kai can't stop talking about it.
When he saw the pond, he started taking off his clothes and said he wanted to go swimming. I let him attempt it and he didn't get in too far before realizing it was kind of cold!

We went for a walk up the hill to have a little picnic. Tessa is carrying Kai in the backpack. I met Tessa at a UBC orientation day and we found out that we were living on the same floor. That was back in Simon actually lived on our brother floor so I met him just a year later.

These guys love their dogs and Kai loves them too. Tenge, one the left, can run forever. There are trails all around their property that he has created by just going, going, going. Kai kept trying to feed them leaves.

Tessa brought some juice boxes which is the greatest treat ever to Kai. He hasn't really caught on at home that when I give him a drink that is 50% juice and 50% water, it just doesn't taste as good.

Finally, today I made a really fast and easy dinner. It's a crustless spinach quiche. I think next time I would add some ham to it but ya, it was gobbled up pretty fast. I just used cheddar and mozzarella cheese instead of what they asked for. I also made some bread this morning and it is really yummy, just a little more time consuming.
Tomorrow there is more sun!! Woohoo. More shorts. More flip flops. Yes.


  1. i'm sure you've thought of this, but could some of koen's tummy and soother issues be from his tongue? i don't know much about tongue-tie issues, so forgive my ignorance.

  2. My best friends husband was tongue tied his whole life and it never bothered him until he got a girlfriend... As soon as him and Alanna got serious he got it clipped! hehe... I'm not sure I'm supposed to tell people that but they live across the country so oh well! :)

  3. hey rachel, i do think that it affects his inability to hold in his soother because it def. made breastfeeding hard at first! I don't think its related to his tummy issues though.