Sunday, April 12, 2009


*Videos at the end*

My precious big boy

Koen and Gary slept like this for 1.5 hours today. We went to gramma and grandpa Chapmans on Friday for an Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Dinner. Kai LOVES hanging out with his cousins.
Kai collecting one of a billion eggs that he got over the weekend. We are saving them all as his treats when he uses the toilet to limit how many he gets per day:)
All the Chapman cousins
Grandpa Chapman with our boys

Chubs, uh I mean Kai, going in gramma and grandpa's hot tob for the first time. It took him a few minutes to warm up to it but then he was practicing his swimming and LOVING it. He went back in again later.

Today Kai learned about Easter in Sunday school. He also learned that it is not okay to wrestle in Sunday school. Also, you need to ask someone if they want to wrestle before you tackle them to the ground. Oops. I worry about his goofiness because I really want to make sure he's not the wildest one in the classroom. I think as a teacher you see such a wide variety of kids and wonder which one your kid will be like. He does make us laugh though. Wow. Today I was talking to a friend at church and Kai came up to me and said, `Mommy, what's a bagina?' (if you don't know what he's talking about, don't worry). He knows the answer but took that moment to ask again. Oh Kai.

Here's Kai showing bug parts. By the way, I'm copying his intonation...I don't talk like that:)

And a video of Kokoes giggling last week.


  1. I love the videos!! It is so neat to see your boys "in person". Very cute!! And what a clever boy Kai is!

  2. Oh kai....
    Hot tub must be nice to relax in. You can always take it upon yourself (or your sisters) to help you get rid of some of the eggs:o)

  3. I like how the onion said "Thorax" :)

  4. did you do easter egg hunts when you were a kid?

  5. I think we just got one easter bunny growing up. No big egg hunts and all that jazz!