Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kai's Comments

Me: Who peed on the toilet seat?
Kai: I think it was you mommy.
Yes, in a house full of boys, it must've been me.
Oh ya, when you laugh about things that kids say at home, realize that it will be repeated in public. LOUDLY. Kai has always called olives by another name....nipples. Don't know why. I'm assuming we laughed when he said it the first time. So, imagine how red my face was when we were walking around Costco and Kai got a sample piece of pizza with olives on it and he proclaimed loudly `Yay, nipples!'
Kai was leaving to go out with Gary. Kai says, `Mommy, I'm going out to Home Depot. Be good when I'm gone'.
Ani and Kai were hanging out today. Ani announced that she was a princess. Kai said he was a king. Ani looked at him like he was crazy and said, `Kai, kings don't wear shirts with undies'.

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  1. hehe, were you good while they were gone? ;)