Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This weather is amazing. We went to Crescent Beach this morning and then played in the backyard. Kai was in heaven (and has his lunch all over his face in this picture). He calls the kiddie pool his hot tub.
I'm making pizza dough right now and it is rising outside because it is finally warm enough!!!

I can't wait for the summer and having Gary along when we go to the beach or to different parks. Also, having him in the vehicle helps keep Koen quiet as Gary can hold the soother in Koen's mouth while I drive. Koen cries for every car ride and this agitates Kai making him scream at Koen. Basically going anywhere with the two of them is a bit frustrating. I've tried getting Kai to ignore Koen or sing a song and today we just turned the music up nice and loud.

Tomorrow is supposed to be like today...woohoo!

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