Thursday, April 09, 2009

Dekens boy?!

I grew up with 4 sisters and no brothers. It's hard to know what a boy in our family would've looked like. Perhaps he would've looked like the fellow below? I think there is a little more Dekens in him than Chapman but time will tell. I really, really hope that he looks like me as Kai is about 98% Chapman. The 2% Dekens portion is his dimples.

Here are some pictures of me as a baby...

(We both def. have the lack of hair:)

I mean, its not like we look the same but I think Koen is more similar to myself than to Gary. I only have one picture of Gary at this age and I'm not going to scan it now...

Koen is a super drooly pants these days. Not expecting teeth anytime soon as Kai was about 10 months old when he started getting them.

Maybe in the picture below he looks more like me. That was a joke. He really does love being in the bjorn and looking around.

Gary and Kai spent the morning planting seeds and preparing the garden.
I've been talking to Kai over the past few days about what Easter means. It's kind of hard to summarize it to a 2.5 year old kid in language that they understand but here is what he got from it:
God had a boy named Jesus (he doesn't know the term `son')
Jesus died but then he went into heaven with God.
He died so that when we say `sorry', God says, `It's okay, I forgive you'.

And one of the culprits of my CRAZY hay fever is below. I can't take any antihistamines so I've been irrigating my nose with a saline nasal spray. Thinking of getting a netty pot.
Kai always asks me to take pictures of him and then gives this super fake smile. What a punk.
And...another goofy face.
Soon we'll be heading out to the Chapman Easter Egg Hunt and Dinner. Hopefully I don't eat too much chocolate:)


  1. I think koen looks like you in respect to his nose and the lack of hair (for those of you who don't know mom used to say louise was bald till she was 3 - people always thought she was a boy)....Looks like kai in respect to eyes and mouth. Ani only had 2 teeth on her first birthday, Isabelle had over 8. She is on her last tooth already (only 2 year molars left.)

  2. Kai is quite the character, eh? You're pictures are great, as always.

  3. Livi makes that same face as Kai in the last picture. What a bunch of goof balls! So cute!

  4. Is it really possible to eat too much chocolate?

  5. Did mom dye her hair??? It looks really shiny - I only remember her hair as black, then grey. I don't think she would have dyed her hair, but then again, parents were once young peoples too, right?

  6. What cute boys! I'm bad at seeing which parents babies look like, but I definitely see some of you in Koen.