Thursday, April 23, 2009

Week 2: Journey To Being Fit Again

(Koen's fav. toy of the week, so easy for him to grab)
Well, this week wasn't as successful but still there was some loss so I'll take it!
Weight loss this week: 0.4 lbs (total of 1.6lbs)
Percent body fat lost: 0.1% (total of 0.4%)
I've still been working out 6 days a week so we will see what happens. I'm too hungry to reduce calories but I probably could tweak what kind of calories I'm taking in. I bought a billion fruits and veggies last night so hopefully I can cut them up and have them as a ready-to-eat snack at any time.

(Kai LOVES his trains and trucks)
My friend Terri is having a baby via planned C-section today and I'm so excited for her! I think there is a special understanding/bond between people who have similar birth stories. She also had an unplanned C-section with her first son. I haven't met anyone yet who went to 10cm's and pushed for several hours and then had a C-section (although I'm sure there are TONS of people out there who have had this) like I did with Kai. Most people it seems have `failure to progress' at 4cm's or so or a breech baby. It was just so strange with Kai that I went from waiting to hear `There's the head!' to `I think you need a C-section'. I never even anticipated a C-section as a possibility for myself.

(Last week Kai and I had sounded out how to spell `GO' on the fridge, just once and just for a minute. Yesterday he just came up to me and showed me the word again using his letter puzzle. I think he's a smarty pants:)

(Like I said, he loves this toy. However, when he can't get it in his mouth he gets SO frustrated SO quickly).
Starting yesterday, we have been putting Koen down in his bed after being up for 1.5 hours. No holding him to sleep. I had waited until Kai was 4 months old to do this but guess what?! It's working!!! He goes to sleep after about 5 minutes. LOVE THIS. He only sleeps for about 45 minutes but whatever, my back is appreciating it! This makes it easier for other people to put him down too. He still can't keep a soother in and was gagging on it a bit so usually he just sucks his hand for comfort.

(Kai's huge stash of trucks, trains, race cars...)

(Smiley pants)
I have to admit that when I was pregnant with Koen, I was worried that Kai would be my favourite. I couldn't imagine going through each stage a second time and appreciating/loving it just as much. I am very happy to say that I love Koen just the same. They are so different and each has their `special-ness'. Kai is our firstborn who makes us laugh every day with his antics. Getting pregnant with Koen took a whole lot longer and he is just such a different baby in looks and personality. I love it. Koen is so laid back and his cheeks are the softest things I've ever felt. Yay for love. Yay for laughter. Yay for family.

(Mommy, stop taking pictures and play with me!!!)


  1. Cheryl3:06 AM

    I was your classmate in Grade 9. I, too, made it to 10 cm and pushed for more than 3 hours before having a c-section with my son last month. (He was coming out face up and we weren't making any progress; forceps didn't help). As disappointing as it was, having the c-section somehow makes it easier to fathom a sibling someday--not sure I want to go through a labour like that again, even though the result was having our son.

  2. Cheryl, I have no idea how you found this blog but welcome! Congrats on your baby boy! Kai was also face up and not progressing. I have to say that before I even got pregnant again, I asked my doctor if I could have a C-section because I couldn't imagine going through the whole experience again and then having a C-section. The second time (planned C-section) was soooo much better and easier to recover from. Please email me at any time if you have any questions about a second C-section:) Louise

  3. Cheryl1:27 AM


    I found you through Maria's blog. (And it was grade 8, not 9, that I went to school with you My typing skills have dropped since the little guy arrived. :)
    I ended up asking the doc who did the c-section about his thoughts for a future pregnancy, and he gave me 20-30% odds for a VBAC. Not worth it to me, and my doc is cool with a future c-section. (Incidentally, I didn't find the c-section recovery all that challenging).