Thursday, April 16, 2009

Week 1: Journey to Being Fit Again

Over the next 10 weeks, I am attempting to lose 10lbs and decrease body fat by 3% (which I'm now thinking might be impossible, I don't know what a realistic goal is in this department. I just want my body fat % to be what it was before kids). If this does not happen, I am okay as long as there is a noticeable difference in my fitness level. I will include an update every Thursday. I am working out 6 days a week. Twice a week I have football (about 1.5 hours each time) and the other 4 days, I am running and doing abs and arms (about 30 min). Even though Easter was during this week, which means large meals and a few chocolate eggs, I did manage to lose a bit.
Weight: lost 1.2 lbs
Body fat %: down 0.3%
I have noticed that my time on my run has really improved. That means that I need to increase the distance which I will be doing this week. I have not changed my eating at all because we eat quite healthy and I don't want to restrict myself of the calories that I need to feed Koen. I'm really trying to remember to drink a lot more water because I get headaches due to dehydration so easily. So thankful that Gary is home by 4:30pm so that I can usually run before dinner time. I have a feeling my body will hold onto my fat reserves until I'm done breastfeeding so we will see what happens over the next 10 weeks. I might not notice any real results until Koen is a bit older and eating solids and less milk.
(Protecting the bjorn with a massive bib)
Koen's daily 2.5 hour routine:
1. Wake up and eat (10 min)
2. Change diaper and sleeper (5 min)
3. Put him in the swing, not moving (20 min)
4. Put him in the exersaucer (10 min)
5. Play with him (10 min)
6. Hold him in the bjorn outward facing until asleep (30 min)
7. Lay him down in his bed to sleep (1 hour)
REPEAT 4 times and throw a bath in there.
While I was making tonights dinner (I make it early in the day and bake it later...tonight is a spaghetti squash lasagna) Kai was making a playdough pizza.
Saturday morning I'm leaving the house at 7:15am for football and then in the afternoon, we are going to an Open House for Kai's preschool in the fall. Good times. I love my boys.

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  1. wait a minute. The onion is going to preschool?!!! Details, please!