Saturday, April 04, 2009


So much fun outside today. I had to leave by 7:20am this morning to get to football. With two little guys (and more importantly one breastfeeding), that meant a very early morning to prepare for 4 hours away. We won our game. Awesome. The rusher's cleats scraped their way down by my achilles...don't think I'll be wearing shoes tomorrow. This is our 9th season playing together, although, I have missed 2 seasons due to being pregnant. I love playing and am pumped that we won 19-0. I even ran in a TD today. I definitely feel sore now and look forward to getting into better shape. Oh man, I am sore. I've decided that I will increase my activity level and just take in more calories. I won't lose any weight but I will hopefully be more fit. When Koen is about 6 months old, I'd like to lose at least 10lbs to be pre-Koen weight. Don't think I will ever be pre-Kai weight again (would require 20lbs loss total and I really can't change my life style all that much).

Kai and I were playing some hockey outside when he saw Opi (my dad). This is seriously how excited he was when he saw him. We had a lot of fun playing outside together. Who doesn't have fun out in the sun? I may have even gotten a tan today:) Time to get the sunscreen out for my fair skinned boys!

(Trying to play hockey with Opi while holding a snack...not the best form)

Loving the sunshine. He picked his clothes out today so the shirt is a bit big (size 4) but he loves it. I think we've saved a bunch of money by having two boys. Koen gets all of Kai's clothes. However, any money saved will go into our grocery bills when they are teenagers!

Pure joy....yet kind of a scary face. This kid can make us laugh and smile but boy oh boy has he ever learned to push our buttons. You know when you see wild kids out in public and secretly think that the parents really need to discipline them more? Our son has too much energy which comes out looking wild. He is also quite imaginative. He is not allowed to have Bubi (his blankie) downstairs so he comes up with a lot of wild excuses to have him downstairs....`Mommy, I have a present for you!' `Mommy, I'm a Bubi ghost!' `Mommy, I'm going on a trip' (Bubi in a suitcase).

Finally, we bought some lens extenders instead of getting a new macro lens. You just attach them between the camera and whatever lens you are using. Kind of fun. We've def. realized they do not work well on little kids who are moving around a lot:)
By the way people, I realize there is nothing really interesting to comment on in this blog entry BUT seriously, my kids are adorable. Leave a comment sometime....


  1. I agree, your kids are adorable... and it is supposed to be 20 degrees outside next week!

  2. Love the first picture!! You sure captured the moment! Good for you at Football.

  3. Cutie pies indeed! :)

  4. Those pics of Kai are so great! Not scary at all. :)