Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Week 3: Journey to Being Fit Again

Okay team, this is a good week on the fit front!!!

Weight loss this week: 1.8lbs (total of 4.4lbs)
Body percent loss: 0.2% (total of 0.6%)

I'm feeling good. I wonder if I continue to try to lose about 1lb per week, how long this would last for. When would my body plateau? We will see! The plan is to lose just 10lbs but if I could lose 20lbs and be pre-Kai weight, that would be SO amazing. We will see. I'm one of those very realistic people who doesn't dream too big because I don't want to fail. Gary has huge dreams that probably won't be reached. Watching `The Biggest Loser' makes my 1lb a week seem like nothing, but nope, it's better than nothing!

Kai trying out the scrumptious cupcakes I made. I even had 2 small ones yesterday because they are just too good. Kai had his first dentist visit and did very well. It was a little emotional because that is where my mom worked for 20 something years as a dental assistant. Kai sucks his thumb to fall asleep and soon we will have to ask him to stop doing it. Maybe we'll start with nap time and then when he turns 3, tell him he can't do it at night. Unfortunately, Kai had an empty stomach at the dentist and then he swallowed all the fluoride she put on his teeth. I don't know if everyone is very sensitive to fluoride but both my dad and I are. We went to visit Gary at work and then we were in the van coming home and Kai threw up. Multiple times. I pulled over and stripped him down and he continued to puke. What a mess. He was so shivery and disgusted that he was covered in `yuckies'. I think it was def. the dentist visit because he was totally fine an hour later. Next time, no fluoride. This guy will eat anything. Cleaning Kai, the van, and his car seat took up most of the afternoon.

Here's the cutie pie who will be 4 months old in just a couple days. This month flew by insanely fast. Faster than any month I remember with either of the kids. I laid him flat on his back today for 5 minutes and he didn't vomit! He did spit up a whole lot but still, progress people. Also, the amount of spit up has really increased this week so I'm thinking it might be linked to me starting dairy again. It's often green and yellow too, gross hey? Sign of reflux.

I've been trying to figure out ways to walk with the boys without having to hold Koen. He does not like his car seat at all. Today, I just put him in the stroller and it doesn't even have a 5 point harness (is that bad?), just the waist strap, but he didn't cry the whole way and even fell asleep! Yippee! I like having Kai strapped in, rather than in the sit and stand, because in a store he has a really hard time staying in the stroller so this way he is forced to.

I bought two new pairs of running shoes. It was buy one, get one half off so I just got two identical pairs and will save the other ones for next year. I love saucony's. These ones are nice and light, yet cushiony. I love deals.

My wrinkly, deflated belly is below. I think its so amazing that my belly could stretch out so far to hold and grow a 9.5lb baby two times. When I look at the pictures of myself at 9 months pregnant, I'm absolutely amazed. I'm curious how much my stretch marks will fade over the years. Here's the reality folks. Something I never thought about growing up. I wish I had appreciated my body more when I was a teenager. I know people don't really show their bellies, especially post baby, but I think its important to know what the reality is. I'd say that over half of my stretch marks came from my second pregnancy even though I gained the same weight in each pregnancy and he was a few ounces smaller.

It reminds me of my mom's little belly, although her belly was smaller, even after 5 kids. Out of the 5 of us, only one of us inherited her petite figure. Gary thought I wasn't happy with my body and that's not it. I don't mind it in shape but I just want to be really fit. I want to be able to run 10kms again. I want to be able to do an overnight hike holding a 50lb backpack again. I know this will happen and I am being patient.

I'm really glad that my body is healed and I can be so active again. The only thing I'm still a little careful with is my ab work. I still feel like I want to take it a little easy for about 2 more months. I'm sure its fine but I don't want to risk anything.
Time to go play trucks and cars with Kai. Every time we go for a walk, he points out all the cars and trucks that are apparently way cooler than ours and asks if we can get a new one. I called him a silly goose this week. As soon as I said it, I remembered that my mom used to always call us that. He really is a silly goose.

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  1. You are doing so great with your fitness plan. You must feel good to be so active. I would also like to tone up.