Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Green Lake

On Monday, we headed up to Green Lake (4 hours north) to stay at my dad's house/cabin. It's always nice to get away to where there are no phones, internet, tv etc. It's always a time of relaxation and restoration. I wish it was just 2 hours away but oh well, at least its a scenic drive.

On the way up, we decided to take our time and decided to walk up to bridal falls. The whole time, Kai was so excited, he kept saying `Mommy! Kai hiking!' (in a very proud of himself voice). Don't know if you've done it before but its about a 15 minute walk up hill the whole way. Kai did it all by himself and I was proud of him too:)

(My hand is in a `hurray!' motion because it's Kai's new thing)
The weather up there was not the greatest but the wind and rain did keep the bugs away. We went on a short canoe ride as it was a little choppy and I really don't like canoeing (I like kayaking better). Kai spent the majority of the time there throwing rocks in the water. `Mommy, look at that big one!' was what he said after he picked up every rock. He was throwing with his left hand the whole time so I don't know at what age they establish a handed-ness but I think we may have a lefty.

Gary and Kai took advantage of the wind to fly a big kite. Gary took a few funny running starts at it but got it going in no time. He let Kai hold it by himself which worried me because I thought Kai would let go of it and it would go sailing away. All was fine:)
This is the arbour that we got married under. The wind has messed it up a bit but look how things have changed in 3 years:)
Kai and Gary checking out the ducks hanging out at the end of the dock.
Kai and daddy having fun
Mommy and Kai watching the ducks.

Gary and I feel rested...sort of, we had to share a double bed. Wowwee. I love our king size bed. We were so close I could hear his stomach gurgling. Anyway, I got to read a book (Gap Creek..good one) and just have a good time with Gary and Kai.
Oh ya, funny comment by Kai. Gary drove over the rumble strips and Kai said, `Car farting! Car wanna go poo on the toiwet!'. Is that funny? I think so:)


  1. I love the things kids say. They are so innocent and cute:o)

  2. so funny! I knew Matthew was a lefty by the time he was 18 months. Not sure when the 'official' consolidation happens, but momma's intuition knows best, I say!
    Glad you had a restful time. You earned it last weekend!

  3. I usually put snarky or sarcastic comments on here (Gary taught me well), but I think I just need to say that you guys take amazing pictures. The first two of Kai were fantastic. They should be on a poster somewhere.