Monday, July 14, 2008

Tips and Tidbits on Disneyland

This will only be interesting if you are actually thinking of going to Disneyland. Here are just a few of my thoughts on Disneyland and going with a 2 year old:
1. Weekdays are waaaaaay better. Usually they have 60,000 people per day on weekends and only 30,000 on weekdays.
2. Going from 8am-12pm is the best time because:
a. cooler
b. way less people therefore faster lines
c. you can go back and ensure your little one gets a nap. He went three days without naps (traveling and Sea World) and those were def. the toughest days.
You can always go back in the evening when its cooler and a little less crowded
3. I was impressed with the amount of shade that they provided while waiting for rides etc as it was hot, hot, hot.
4. Awesome bathrooms with change stations and a billion toilets
5. Lots of rides for a 2 year old; Fantasyland had all the rides like Dumbo, Carrousel, Tea Cups and then Toon Town had tons of fun stuff for them to run around and play with. Ample opportunity to meet Mickey, Minnie etc. We never waited more than 5-10 minutes for a ride with him. We never had to wait even one minute for King Arthur's Carrousel and that was his favourite one so we def. rode that one a lot!
6. We brought a stroller along but you can also rent one for $10/day. You want your stroller to be distinguished in some way because you have to park your stroller with a million others when going on rides.
7. BC water is the best. The water there was hard to drink unless it was super cold.
8. I was impressed that they had many healthy options of fruit and veggies along with all the regular fair food.
9. Based on watching all 8 Chapman cousins, I would say the optimal age for Disneyland would be about 7-10 years old. They could go on all the rides, appreciate all the Disney `stuff', and wouldn't be exhausted etc.
10. The parades have really been improved since I went 15 years ago! There are so many different ones and they are quite impressive.
11. We stayed at a hotel that had a breakfast buffet. Definite plus.
12. Our hotel also had a pool, definite plus with the insane heat.
13. We used a spraying water bottle with a fan contraption. So nice in the heat and occupied Kai for a long time.
14. The gift shops actually were affordable.
15. We went for 5 days (Disneyland and California Adventure) and I'd say that 3 days would be ample. Although, I felt way less stressed feeling like I had to get everything in because we had so much time and therefore, could just go for about 4 hours each day.
16. Gary enjoyed Space Mountain and Splash Mountain
17. Buy your son a Buzz light year gun. $10 and oodles of entertainment:)
18. There were 16 of us there. We had a bunch of 2 way radios which were key when driving or meeting up at the park. Gary, Kai and I were Team Amoeba....and not because we are slow but because they're cool.
19. Pack lots of snacks and drinks each day. I don't think Kai has ever eaten so many goldfish in his life.
20. Bring lots and lots of sunscreen.
21. Flying at a `normal' time is worth it. For the flight there, we had to be there at 4:30am which exhausted me and Kai for a couple days. On the way back, our flight was at 1:30pm...much better!
22. It was really fun to be with a group. Entertainment for Kai, people to reflect on the day with and compare rides, Gary had people to go on the big rides with etc. Good way to get to know your inlaws better:)
23. Our hotel, Staybridge, was great because it had a kitchen and then 2 large bedrooms with ensuites so we could split the cost with other family members and make our own food to decrease costs.

We also went to California Adventure Park with our pass. We had a 5 day pass that included Disneyland and Adventure park (right beside eachother, walk between the two). We enjoyed the following about California Adventure Park:
1. Kai loved the Bug World part. Lots of water park areas and good kids rides.
2. I thought the Bug's World in 3D was pretty cool (and educational:)) The seat actually poked you in the back and you could feel the termites crawling under your butt. The back of the seat in front of you blew water and air in your face at various points in the show.
3. It didn't open til 10am each day but again, if you went form 10-12 each day, very few people. You can actually get in there at 9:30 am.
4. Gary enjoyed the River Run, Tower of Terror, and the California Screamer (but thought that Disneyland rides were better)

We also drove down to Sea World (about 2 hours away, you can take a shuttle too). Here is some feedback on Sea World:
1. No shade. Anywhere. So hot.
2. Small bathrooms. Dirty bathrooms.
3. Shamu show was awesome (8/10). Sea lion show with a CUTE otter (8/10). Cirque show (not real Cirque to Soleil) (6/10). Pet show (7/10)
4. It was a very busy day trying to get in all the shows and see all the exhibits. It was exhausting and kai didn't get a nap.
5. Saw the turtles, flamingoes, penguins, walarus, polar bears etc. Kai LOVED the animals. He got to pick one thing from the gift shop and he chose a little Shamu, he really did enjoy it.

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  1. Dude, Team Amoeba is SO NERDY. I always knew you fit in well with the rest of us for some reason...

    Glad you had fun!
    Perhaps we should do a Nerdyland visit one of these years...