Friday, July 18, 2008


Coming up soon is my 30th birthday. Instead of throwing a party, I wanted more of an experience. Originally, I had wanted to hike and camp at Garibaldi lake with Gary as I love, love that hike. However, I am really not confident that I could do a hike like that being pregnant. I have done it several times but I can't imagine doing it now, especially with a 30-40lb backpack. We could just hike it for the day (therefore no backpack) but I think it would take me the whole day and would prob. destroy me for a week or so:) Also, it is not a hike that is worth just doing the first half for as that part is extremely boring.
I then thought about going to Cirque du Soliel but it ends on Sunday so that does not work.
It may just be a walk around Buntzen lake with Kai and Gary but I'd rather do something I have not done before.
Maybe a super fancy restaurant for dinner? Any recommendations?
Any ideas for something fun to do for a pregnant lady on her 30th?


  1. Go out for dinner at The Observatory on Grouse mountain. If you make reservations you can go up free on the Skyride. You won't have to hike the Grouse Grind for your fancy meal ;)

  2. Whistler is fun and not too far--remember last summer B and I went there and stayed in a hotel for fairly cheap ($150 I think?) b/c it's off season. There are zip lines, there's hiking, and you can rent bikes (or take your own) to see some spectacularly beautiful stuff.
    It's outdoors YET pampering AND local(ish).

    Harrison Hot Springs is VERY cool and has some local easyish hikes, or simply a nice place to visit/relax...

    You could go to Vancouver for a 'night out'--B will do this for me occasionally but not sure if it would fit your personality or not: shopping, dinner, Bard on the Beach, and a hotel stay (which you could nix if not your style, but we LOVE hotels...clean linens, room service, movies on demand, sex with NO interruptions or townhouse neighbours to keep quiet for... :-D).

    Bard on the Beach might be cool anyways. We love that. And it's cheaper than Cirque.

    There's the Vancouver Folk Music Festival Jul 18-20th in Jericho Beach part

    Also, Monty Python's Spamalot Jul 3-27th at the Centre for the Performing Arts (supposed to be hilarious!)

    The Back Kitchen Release Party Jun 19-Aug 2 at the Arts Club Theatre on Granville Island (you could 'do' Granville Island and then go to a show).

    I checked around and couldn't find any dance/hip hop/etc shows performing this summer, since I know you love sytycd... :-( Too bad. Maybe you could come this fall when I go to the top ten tour again?? I don't know how I'll manage it with a baby but I'm determined to do so!!

    Otter Lake has very nice camping.

    Barkerville is supposed to be uber cool.

    that about exhausts my idea list. When's your bday again?

  3. p.s. for my 30th I wanted to hike to base camp of Everest. We'll have to postpone that for a few years! Haha!

  4. wow....melissa did a lot of research...way to go! I will have to do some thinking to give any other ideas.

  5. I'm going to bard in the beach today....they're really fun! Outdoor play...too bad Tyler's turning 30 next week and we have no plans :(