Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Today I was going through Kai's clothes and boxing up the ones that no longer fit. Once I got to his pajama's, I made the most exciting discovery!!!! Someone (Kai) had hidden Bubbi #2 behind all of his pj's. It was so exciting to find something that we have been looking for for weeks! It may not look like he is the most excited as he is busy wanting to brush his teeth but it was quite the celebration!
My 14 week picture. I don't think I'm growing as quickly now but all of my maternity pants feel extremely uncomfortable as they feel so tight on/under my belly. I think my hips are already widening a great deal and this was actually pointed out by Gary a few weeks back when he said, `So, um, do you think you hips have gotten bigger already?' and he never says stuff like that:) I have to admit that I am nervous about what this pregnancy will do to my body. With Kai, I had minimal stretch marks and my body went sort of back to normal (never lost the last 7lbs). I just think that with the way I'm going, it may be a bit more difficult to return to some normalcy. Fortunately, I don't dwell on my body shape as much as I used to (teen years and early 20's) but I really do dream of having a fit body once again. It's not that I was uber fit but I was a lot more defined than I am now and could run a 10km no problem. Since being back from Disneyland, I feel way more rested and relaxed. I'm still walking each day, but maybe just 3 km instead of a million:) I'm confused why I still feel nauseous at night as this phase should've passed by now! My next doctor's appt is next Thursday and I'm hoping he'll be able to determine if there is a second heartbeat in there or not, because waiting til mid August is going to drive me crazy!

Wearing the goggles is about as close as Kai got to swimming in the pool. He seemed to love the hot tub and would go up to his waist in it. He is seriously such a chatterbox. This morning, he came into our bedroom and said `Mommy come on! Let's go downstairs, Mommy!' Once downstairs, `Mommy read the big brover (brother) book?' Crystal clear. I did find it really helpful on our holidays that he could converse with his cousins and they could understand him 75% of the time. He had such a fun time with the cousins and has already asked to go visit with them:)


  1. Love the goggles....gotta get some for Annika. Glad you found the spare bubbi....just in case you loose the other one. That would be trouble if you had no bubbi's.

  2. Yay on the find of Bubie #2!

    With Eva my hips spread like the moment I conceived. I got into maternity pants not because of my belly but because of my hips. It took about 6 months for them to get back- and it was almost overnight. And my ribcage didn't go back to prepregnancy size until about 9 months after she was born. I didn't have those kinds of body changes with Micah. So don't fret ahead to after this baby(ies) is (are) born!

  3. With C.B. my hips went wide really quick too. And don't worry, your body has already done this once before so it acts like it knows what it's doing, that is all. You'll get it all back! I've only popped ONE extra stretch mark and it's still fairly thin, and I've heard that it is fairly common to only get one or two more stretch marks in subsequent pregnancies, on top of what you got with your first. Second pregnancies also tend to gain more the first half, and less the second half, than first pregnancies, so things might slow down soon. You're body is a miracle worker! Thank it for all the work it is doing for you and baby(ies)! You are beautiful.

  4. i hope your nausea goes away soon, however, mine lasted until my second trimester was almost over :s hope that's not the case for you.

    yay you found bubie #2 :)

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