Thursday, July 03, 2008

23 Months Old

Wow, I can't believe he will be 2 in just one month. I'll have to figure out if we are going to have a party or something. I would say it is extremely easy (at this point) to have just one kid, especially at his age. I'm nervous about what's to come with a newborn in the house and a full year of being exhausted again but this post is about Kai so I won't even go there:)
(eating his fav. food of the month; watermelon. I may have shaved off a bit too much of his hair but it will grow back:))

There haven't been many changes over this month except that his vocab continues to grow and his sentences are getting longer and longer. He loves to run and climb and we've realized we need to make sure that we tire him out each day with a lot of exercise, otherwise, he gets a bit too wild (hitting, throwing etc). Gary even ran with him all the way to Extra Foods this month...not with a stroller, Kai actually ran there! They did take a break to watch the diggers but still, I always put him in a stroller so he def. has some endurance now.
This is his `I wanna go to Extra Poods' face. He can turn this off quite quickly. He loves going for our daily walks and it sure was nice to go outside while it was drizzling!!!! Woohoo!! Yesterday when I went to get him from his nap, he was singing and I wasn't quite sure what it was. When I opened the door, he exclaimed that he was singing happy birthday to his puppy. So cute:)
Hanging out on daddy's shoulders, def. a fav. mode of transportation. I'm finding it difficult to carry him already, it feels like I'm pulling and stretching stuff so I try not to. I prob. won't blog again until we get back from Disneyland, although, we are bringing our laptop along so maybe I will update there. I don't like posting that we are gone but don't fret, we have someone staying at our house so I feel okay about it. I'm a little worried about the heat there and the fact that we have to get up at 3:30am to leave! Regardless, I'm just excited for Kai to have a fun time hanging out with his gramma, grandpa, aunties, uncles and cousins for a week straight.

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  1. In the last photo you look super tanned!