Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Family Walk

(Cheese!!! We went for a walk today. Whenever he falls he says `I'm okay buddy!' This is because I used to always ask him, `Are you okay buddy?'. He falls a lot because he gets running too fast. He has scraped up knees and elbows but never cries. If he does cry, you know he's really hurt.)

I know its been a lot of blogging lately but I just feel so relaxed and I feel like I have time for it! Love this feeling! One 2 year old kid is so easy and I am somewhat fearful of 2009 and the stress/tiredness/crankiness/exhaustion of it. However, I know its all worth it as I can't wait to have this addition to our family. Our family will feel a lot more complete...Kai needs a buddy to play with outside!!!! Please do not think I am ungrateful, I am so thankful to have the opportunity to grow another baby.
Kai helping daddy wash the car this morning, he did turn it on Gary a time or two...he loves the water hose.)

Kai has thrown some big temper tantrums lately and I'm not sure if its because he's still recovering from our trip or if it's just what being 2 is all about. Most tantrums occur from him having to come inside the house (he could play outside all day). We have decided that screaming/innapropriate crying calls for a time out so now we just have to warn him that if he continues any longer, he will have a time out. These time outs have worked fabulously with him. He sits in the chair quietly for 2 minutes and doesn't even try to escape. After 2 minutes, we talk about why he is in time out and he can always verbalize why he is there. I love it. The other thing that we really need to do with him is give him warnings at 5 minutes and 2 minutes before we change activities....this has been key.
We don't usually take a camera on our walks but Gary wanted to try his new flash diffuser in bright sunlight so that's how I got him to come along on our walk:) Please note my new shirt...I bought 2 shirts and 2 capris when we were in California and they were such a great deal!

Well, better relax a bit more. There are busy times ahead! We are photographing a wedding this Saturday and then we have my sister's wedding next Saturday where Kai is a ring bearer and we are also photographing it.


  1. can Kai come over and help me clean my car?! ;)

  2. Heya, thanks for your comment on my latest post! Glad you had fun in Dland.
    Actually, I wasn't talking about the Vitamin D drops, I was talking about the injection of Vitamin K that they give to all newborns as soon as they are born. It helps the clotting process, so if they are bleeding anywhere the Vit K helps them heal that more quickly. I didn't really want CB poked more times than absolutely necessary, so that's why I was looking into alternatives for the Vit K injection.
    Have fun in the (not so sunny) sun!