Sunday, July 20, 2008

He's A Keeper

Me: Hey Gary, do you feel a little guilty that I'm planning what to do for my 30th birthday?
Gary: Oh sweets, I'll do something nice for you when you turn 50 okay?

That's my husband. He's all mine folks:) Joking aside, he does give wonderful, amazing foot massages.

This week we are going to take a cute/fun (hopefully) pregnancy picture downstairs in our studio. I know most people do it at 8 months or so but I hope to do it at least one per trimester, so, it's time!

It's been a busy weekend and next weekend will be even crazier. I am so thankful that Gary and I are not teaching right now because I don't know how I would function with everything else going on!!

Finally, Kai announced on the way to church that he does not like church. He does not like nursery. He does not like Carter (his nursery buddy whom he really does like). The whole time in nursery he just kept saying `Kai's house. Let's go. Kai's house'.

Finally, this weather is PERFECT.


  1. I was going to ask what you did for his 30th....but then I remember that you had just finished giving birth to his son-more than enough!!

  2. Actually, Kai was for his 31st. For his 30th I planned a bbq at his parents house.

  3. Make sure that you get it in writing that he will do something nice for your 50th and hold him to it! :)