Thursday, July 24, 2008

Baby? Babies?

Had a doctor's appt today. He is confident that it is just one baby based on my uterus size at this point. However, he also thought Kai was an 8lb baby and he was 9lbs 11oz so sometimes, you just never know:) We heard the baby again, and boy, those 30 seconds of searching for it sure are stressful! Baby has a strong heartbeat of 155bpm. I have actually lost 4lbs since last month which concerns me, but not the doctor. This means a total weight gain of -2lbs. I def don't look like I've lost 2lbs overall! I wonder if its because I'm not running anymore and therefore have lost muscle? I'm pretty confident that it is a girl but we will find out next month. I am really excited about the prospect of either girl or boy. I can't imagine what a girl of ours would look like, but I would be so excited to dress her up all girly! I would also love a boy for Kai to wrestle with but I guess he can wrestle with his sister too. I think he would be a great big brother to either but especially to a girl.

While I was at the doctor's, Kai got his finger engtangled in the hose rolling contraption and I came home to him `cleaned up' with blood on his hands and arms and a band aid around his finger. This is is first band aid experience as he usually just gets tons of scrapes and bruises. He seeems to be totally fine so that's good.

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