Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I don't gike it

That's what Kai has to say about everything these days. Even for stuff he really does like. Today he spent his 3 hour nap time (yes, I know we are blessed with the daily nap from 12:15-3:15) chatting and singing in bed and not sleeping for one minute. At one point he was chanting out `Gary! Gary! Gary!'. Kinda funny. On Saturday he has to walk down the aisle for my sister Jan's wedding and I'm hoping that a cookie at the end of the aisle should do the trick. Oh boy, I hope so.

Nothing exciting here, just been editing wedding pictures and helping with wedding stuff. I have to say that I am still absolutely exhausted all the time and still need to nap each day. I don't know how I taught full time last time I was pregnant. I also have to say that I am crying VERY easily these days. Usually tears of hapiness but still, tears flow very easily. Gary and I watched our wedding dvd the other day, we were so happy. Not that we aren't happy now, but you know, just different. I remember the days when he would give me his t-shirt when I left his house at night so that I could wear it and think of him. Wow. Times have changed.

I'm thinking of going to the Salmon House in West Vancouver for my birthday. We have a wedding there in November so we can be checking it out at the same time. I will have a post with pictures very soon. Doctor appointment on Thursday...I always love the appt and the reassurance it provides that all is well but I get so nervous before hand hoping that all is well. Have a fabulous Tuesday evening all...I'm going to eat some Ponderosa Cake. If you went to UBC, you def. know what this is. Gary made some yesterday when i was trying to nap and it sounded like an elephant was in our kitchen. I came downstairs angry but when i took a huge sniff of what was going on in the oven, all was forgiven:) It is a fabulous banana choc. chip cake and it tastes amazing warmed up with vanilla ice cream.

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  1. ah, he gave you his shirt! ;) what a great dating thing to do!
    Mark and I phone eachother every evening just before we go to bed to say goodnight, sweet dreams to eachother. We have done this every day since I got back from Paris in March.