Friday, July 04, 2008

Week 13

Just thought I would throw this picture in before we go. I'm really trying to savour every bit of this pregnancy and each stage as it could be our last one and I'm just excited to actually be at this point. I'm also trying to ensure that we get just as many pics of #2 as we did of Kai:) Finally, I did not take a lot of pregnancy pictures last time and I would rather take too many, than not enough.
Our ultrasound is August 15th and I'm so excited to find out if there is/are one or two babies in there AND we are also finding out the sex of our baby too. Last time, we found out and it really helped me to bond with our baby boy before he was born. Also, I was able to tell my mom that there would finally be a boy in our family and what his name would be. I really need a lot of time/preparation to adapt to change so I'm very thankful that this is an option for us. I'm pretty certain that this one is a girl for 3 reasons (the first two are sort of myths but still, a reason):
a. the baby's heartbeat was 155bpm...if higher than 140 bpm it's often said that it is a girl (Kai's was always lower than 140)
b. I feel completely different this time. Way less nausea and way more tired.
c. Generally, when people have a harder time conceiving, they have a girl. Why? The sperm carrying the X chromosome are larger and stronger and therefore can withstand more difficult environments. It does depend on when the child was conceived (generally, closer to ovulation=boy because conditions are perfect for the smaller, faster Y sperm) but overall, if it has been more difficult, a girl is the result!
After having a boy, I would love another because I `get' them and the idea of a teenage girl that is anything like I was, freaks me out. Practically speaking, I have all the boy clothes ready to go. Although, girl clothes are awfully cute!!!! Whatever happens, we are just praying for a healthy baby that will stay nice and comfy in my uterus as long as it needs:)


  1. Looking great Louise!

    Have an AWESOME time in Disneyland. (Hopefully your first trimester fatigue goes away while you're there!) Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

  2. Just thought I would give a couple of comments on my pregnancy experiences, since I have had both a singleton and twins....
    1) I was way more tired and less nauseous (although still throwing up everyday) with the twins than I was with the singleton.
    2) Although we had both a boy and a girl, the heartbeats were always very close to each other in rate and were always above 150bpm.
    3) I recommend keeping them inside longer than 26 weeks. Having babies born 14 weeks early is way too much stress!
    4) If there are 2 babies, make sure you realize that you can't do as much as you did with the first baby. Please take it easy as you enter into the 3rd trimester. That is advice I wish I had taken!
    5) If you need any help at all, just ask!

    Have a wonderful trip! Say "hi" to Mickey for Shaylah. She would be very jealous!