Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jan and Doug

Yesterday, my sister Jantina got married. I'm just going to post a couple pictures now because we've just uploaded them and I refuse to start editing or going through them all today:) The location they chose was identical to the one last week so we were able to fly through the wedding party and couple portraits in about an hour. The weather was PERFECTLY cloudy. Gary and I are taking off (with kai) for a couple days to recuperate and relax. Yesterday, I was up from 4:30am all the way until 1am this morning. This was totally due to me stressing about all that had to be done. I felt a lot of pressure in decorating the hall and making sure everything was okay. I don't mind doing it as Jan was able to sit back and be pampered in the morning while I ran around like a Bridezilla. Jan and Doug LOVED the day and it was great to hang out with tons of family.

Gary's mom came to the wedding to help out with Kai while we were taking pictures. Kai's job was to carry the ring box down the aisle. In truth, it was full of chewy candies which he was able to eat once he made it down the aisle.

He walked perfectly down the aisle (although no smile in sight) and I was soooo proud of him! During the rehearsal, he had done several things like dump Ani's basket of flowers out or go behind her and pick all the flowers up. For the day, we just sent him up before Ani and he did wonderfully (without a nap!).
It was an emotional day, due to pregnancy, lack of sleep, and speeches that included memories of Jan and mom. Overall, a very good day. I'm going to take a nap.


  1. I must say, Kai and Annie did a much better job than I expected!!!!!!! They were SOOO cute! :)Stressful, but good :)

  2. The bride and groom looked great! The bridal party as well. The little kids were adorable (not that I am biased :o)