Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Some pics from yesterday

Kai enjoyed the Fantasyland area of Disneyland, tons of kids rides. Today we went to California Adventure Park, next to Disneyland which had a kids area in Bugs Life Land...he liked the water park area.

His new Buzz Lighyear gun that makes too much noise and has a ton of lights. This has kept him busy for a long time, he loves it! I think his love of guns comes from Gramma's house where you always have to watch out for the nerf guns. We don't have a single toy gun at our house so its def. something I need to get used to OR figure out if i want him playing with them.

You can't tell but he was really pumped to see Mickey. He kissed his nose and gave him high fives. I'm all slouched over because Mickey is so short, who knew?

Gary wants this $45 Yoda backpack so badly. He has been telling Kai to ask mommy for the Yoda backpack so Kai asks for it several times a day. Gary knows I have a harder time saying no to Kai:) However, I don't think I will give in to a $45 useless backpack which Gary says he will use for hiking.

All of us in the perfect spot for the parade yesterday

Kai loving the Mickey Mouse statue in our hotel. The only characters he really knows are Mickey and Winnie the Pooh.

Loving the Teacups with Kennedy and Daddy

The carousel ride is def. a favourite. He has to do it by himself, you're not allowed to hold onto him:)


  1. mhhmmm....good decision to buy back pack it is. Master Gary, strong with her the force is but young Kai Jedi mind trick he must use.

    Dude, you seriously have to buy that or the zarlack pit.

  2. Anonymous6:13 PM

    let gary and kai have the backpack. its adorable

  3. Please, can Gary have the backpack? It's really cute! :) Isn't that what birthdays are for - to buy things you normally wouldn't? I do believe his bday is coming up...?

  4. Annika saw the pics and said...."Mickey mouse.....Kai? Auntie Louise". So I explained it to her and now she tells everyone Kai went on Airplane to Disneyland to see cute:o)