Friday, August 01, 2008

My baby is almost 2

Kai turns 2 on Sunday. Due to the fact that its a long weekend and everyone is always gone (Gary's bday on Monday so he is familiar with this), we will just be celebrating with the three of us for now and extended family later. I'm very excited to give him his present and I hope he likes it! Here are a couple comments made by Kai:

Me: Kai, you're two!
Kai: No mommy, I'm a boy!

Me: Kai, we are going for breakfast will Holly!
Kai: Can I touch her?
Me: Yes, you can touch her
Kai: Can I kiss her?
Me: Um, we might have to ask her mommy
(It's just funny because he's never wanted to kiss anyone before unless we ask him for it)

We got to go for breakfast with Dean and Caroline and their daughter Holly. Gary and Dean have known eachother since the good ole days of TWU basketball and they also taught in Korea together. We only see them every year or two so it was nice to meet up for a bit. Holly is just 3 weeks younger than Kai so it was really fun for him to run around with someone his own age. She is also quite a talker and enjoys running, what else could he ask for?

I find that our life is quite easy right now and in some ways, I don't want to `mess' with it. Obviously, I'm thrilled with the idea of expanding our family but I am very worried about my irritability when the new one comes. Poor Gary. Poor Kai. I am a disaster without a good night sleep. Disaster.

Pregnancy wise, I am feeling fantastic. I only nap once a week now and forget that I'm pregnant all the time. The only thing that I have noticed is that my tailbone and pelvis are really sore. I don't remember this happening last time and I really felt it on our 5 hour car ride the other day. I'm still particular about what I eat in the sense that I crave certain things. For one week it was cream of mushroom soup, another it was Lipton chicken noodle soup and last week it was *gasp* processed cheese. We never have these high sodium/processed things in our house so I did feel a little guilty eating them. I am at the stage where i should/could feel the baby moving in the next two weeks. I look forward to this in the sense that I will be able to feel that the baby is doing okay. At this point, when you don't really have many signs, you just have to hope and pray that the baby is growing and thriving. I am sooooooooooooooooooo excited for my ultrasound in 2 weeks, I cannot wait! Last time it was a bit stressful as we had to go back for a second one due to Kai's enlarged renal pelvis, but, all was well in the end.

Overall, Gary and I are trying to relax right now as in the next 3 weeks we have; our 3 birthdays, 3 weddings, 2 doctor appts, my sis' bridal shower (my other sister gets married in 3 weeks), a couple photo shoots AND THEN it's back to school?! I know we are so fortunate that we don't have to work in the summer and that we love our teaching jobs. We are fortunate in so many ways and we really recognize this daily. Sorry, no pictures with this post. There were some adorable pictures of HOlly and Kai hugging that were taken today but I didn't have our camera so I'll have to wait to get them from Caroline. Also, I think Gary and I may be `pictured out' for a bit:)


  1. Well Happy Birthday everybody! Wild that Kai is 2 already. I loved the conversation between you and Kai about Holly. I laughed out loud. It sounds like Holly is just a little bit like her mom, hey? She likes to talk and run. So great you get to see those guys.

    I'm also excited for you and the upcoming ultrasound. You're nearly half-way there! Can't wait to hear what you find in there. ;-)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love and hugs and many many wishes for a wonderful 3rd year of life!