Monday, June 30, 2008

Backyard Fun in the Sun

Sweating away in his bed. He seriously takes all of these things to bed with him and they all have names too. I don't know if you can see the yellow ball with the green markers on it, it's a Hep C Virus:) After his nap, we head out to Maria's house to hang out for the afternoon and for dinner as both of our husbands are out for the day...
Ani and Kai in the pool. Kai wanted to go nakie but Ani wouldn't let him in the pool that way:) I won't mention the exact comment she made...
Bbelle and Bailey
Ani eating dessert
Kai ecstatic that Bailey was playing fetch with him
My dad (Opie to the kids) came for dinner too
Kai loving his first popsicle. I was going to keep his hair long to prevent burning on his neck etc but I think it just makes him too sweaty so tomorrow could be a haircut day.
B-belle and Opie

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  1. Kai looks so hot in that bed, good times in a heat wave! Hope you are surviving & moving you bed to the basement ;)